UAM Operating Procedures

200.1 Operating Procedures System

205.1 Executive Council

210.1 Office Hours

215.1 Inclement Weather and Emergency Situations

220.1 Affirmative Action Hiring Procedures

225.1 Prospectus Approval & Cost Reimbursement

225.2 Indirect Cost from Grants

230.1 Grant and Subgrant Reporting

235.1 In-State Reclassification

240.1 Request for Information Under Freedom of Information Act

245.1 Use of Tobacco Products in Campus Facilities

245.2 Designation of UAM as a Smoke-Free Campus

250.1 Maintaining Security of the UAM Computing Facilities

250.2 Distance Education Policies

250.3 Computer Usage Policy

250.4 Web Page Policy

250.5 Tablet PC Devices

250.6 IT Information Security

250.7 IT Website Standards and Accessibility

250.8 Acceptable University E-mail Policy

255.1 Formal Complaint Repository

260.1 The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act

260.2 Clery Act

260.3 Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act

270.1 Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Weevil Pond

270.2 Official Functions Policy

275.1 Title IX Policy for Complaints of Sexual Assault and Other Forms of Sexual Harassment

275.2 Discrimination & Harassment Policy (Non-Title IX)

276.1 Sex Offender Notification Regarding the Campus Community; Residential Restrictions for Registered Sex Offenders

280.1 Policy on Students and Employees with Communicable Diseases

285.1 Extending Sympathy with Memorials to UAM Family Members

290.1 Volunteer Service

295.1 Children/Dependents in the Workplace

296.1 Non-retaliation

297.1 Protection of Minors