Graduate Certificate in Forest Business

Graduate Certificate in Forest Business


Foresters need advanced business and financial analysis tools to complete complex tasks of appraisal, investment analysis, taxes, marketing, and operations in a forestry setting.  In addition, leadership, human resource management, and communication skills are vital for any business organization.

To meet those needs for advanced business skills in forest enterprises, the University of Arkansas at Monticello, the College of Forestry, Agriculture, and Natural Resources, and the Arkansas Center for Forest Business have developed a Graduate Certificate in Forest Business.
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General Facts About the Program

  • All classes are in hyflex format – meaning you can take the class in person, on-line live or on-line any time that is convenient for you.
  • Class schedules and assignment dates are flexible – finish each class at your own pace!
  • You can complete the certificate in 1 year or less, but you can take up to 6 years to complete the certificate if you need to!
  • There is no application fee.

Current (2024) cost to complete the certificate is about $6,000 for students in AR, LA, MO, MS, TN, or TX, $12,000 for students elsewhere (subject to tuition and fee increases).

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Admission Information

Students are required to apply for admission for the Graduate Certificate in Forest Business through the normal UAM Admissions Portal.  In the application process, you will choose the “Forest Business Graduate Certificate” as your degree level.

The only requirement for admission is that you have a 4-year degree, preferably in forestry, natural resources, or a related discipline.  However, applicants from other fields of study are encouraged to apply.  Applicants must submit transcripts which will be reviewed by College of Forestry, Agriculture, and Natural Resources faculty prior to acceptance.
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Scholarships are available for students in the Graduate Certificate in Forest Business program.  Please contact the UAM College of Forestry, Agriculture, and Natural Resources office (870) 460-1052 for information on scholarships.

Requirements for Graduate Certificate in Forest Business

Students are required to complete 15 hours of coursework to earn their Certificate in Forest Business. There are three required courses (listed below) and four elective courses, including an independent study course that can account for up to 6 hours of credit.

Required Courses – Certificate Students MUST take these three courses

  • NRM 5103 - Forest Finance
  • NRM 5203 - Forest Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • NRM 5603 - Forest Appraisals

Electives – Certificate Students can take any two of these courses or take the Independent Study for 6 hours

  • NRM 5403 - Leadership in a Forest Business
  • NRM 598V - Independent Study in Forest Business
  • NRM 5303 - Forest Products Marketing
  • NRM 5503 - Life Cycle Assessment of Forest Products

Course Descriptions

NRM 5103 - Forest Finance 3 Credit(s)

Exercises and readings will provide students with the ability to conduct advanced timberland investment analyses. Topics include decision-making regarding forest projects, timberland appraisal, taxation of forest operations, and income capital budgeting techniques and financial statements.

NRM 5203 - Forest Operations and Supply Chain Management 3 Credit(s)

Students will use quantitative operations research techniques to the supply chain and management of the supply chain from timber production to final consumer purchase and satisfaction.

NRM 5303 - Forest Products Marketing 3 Credit(s)

Focused on forest products, this course integrates marketing concepts, use of digital media for marketing strategic messages, market analytics tools and statistical analysis of market data.

A series of learning modules that investigate communication, effective management, team performance, self­-awareness, and problem solving. Each module will include discussion, group exercises, and practical, out of classroom assignments.

NRM 5503 - Life Cycle Assessment of Forest Products 3 Credit(s)

The class will provide an overview of life cycle assessment (LCA) theory and framework, case studies of LCA applications with various forest products, and the use of LCA tools/methodologies/databases with a hands-on project. Systems thinking and linkages with other economic and social sustainability measures are emphasized.

NRM 5063 - Forest Appraisals 3 Credit(s)

Students will learn and discuss forestry specific appraisal techniques while working independently on becoming a State Registered Apprentice (RA) Appraiser in Arkansas

NRM 598V - Independent Study in Forest Business 3-6 Credit(s)

This course can be a practical project designed by the faculty advisor and student or a period of work in an internship or regular employment scenario where the work is applicable to some aspect of forest business. The student and a faculty advisor must meet and agree to the particular independent study and complete Independent Study Approval forms and modify this syllabus and have the study approved PRIOR to the start of the semester.