Graduate Degrees


Master of Science in Forest Resources

Requirements for the Forest Resources graduate degree includes courses in research methods, statistics, and ecological/sociological aspects of natural resource management, in addition to the completion of a research project and thesis.  Four emphasis areas are available: Forest Science, Geospatial Science, Wildlife Ecology & Management, and Natural Resources Management.  This degree provides students an advanced understanding of natural resource issues pertinent to each individual’s program of study and career goals.

Emphasis Areas & Degree Requirements

Each student develops a degree plan with the advice and approval of their Advisory Committee. An emphasis area in Forest Science, Geospatial Science, Natural Resource Management, or Wildlife Ecology and Management will be selected based on the student’s thesis project and course work.  The degree plan includes a required core curriculum of 30 credit hours, inclusive of Research and Thesis hours.

An approved thesis is also required for completion of the M.S. in Forest Resources degree. Students are required to define an appropriate problem for investigation; review relevant literature; develop a thesis proposal; collect, analyze, and interpret data; test hypotheses and draw conclusions; and write and defend a thesis.  At the conclusion of the study and research program, a seminar and an oral comprehensive examination, including a thesis defense, is required of all graduate students for completion.


Graduate certification in waterfowl habitat and recreation management

The Graduate Certificate in Waterfowl Habitat and Recreation Management offers coursework that prepares individuals to work in the areas of wetland and waterfowl conservation as well as recreational lodge management.  This combination of education and skills serves a growing demand in several regions of the country, and is of particular importance along the Mississippi flyway and Arkansas Delta where duck hunting is a major contributor to the area’s economy.  Coursework will consist of instruction and hands-on experiences in the areas of wetland and waterfowl conservation, adaptive farm and habitat management, decision-making, lodge management, and guest relations.


Foresters need advanced business and financial analysis tools to complete complex tasks of appraisal, investment analysis, taxes, marketing, and operations in a forestry setting.  In addition, leadership, human resource management, and communication skills are vital for any business organization. To meet those needs for advanced business skills in forest enterprises, the University of Arkansas at Monticello, the College of Forestry, Agriculture, and Natural Resources, and the Arkansas Center for Forest Business have developed a Graduate Certificate in Forest Business.

Graduate Admissions Information

To be admitted for pursuing the degree of M.S. in Forest Resources, a student must first be admitted with graduate status to the University of Arkansas at Monticello, and then apply to the College of Forestry, Agriculture & Natural Resources.  It is recommended that applicants have a baccalaureate degree in forestry, the wildlife sciences, another natural resource management discipline, or the geospatial sciences. However, prospective students from other fields are also encouraged to apply. All applicants will have transcripts reviewed by College of Forestry, Agriculture & Natural Resources faculty to assess the need for cognate work. Applicants whose record shows an insufficient background in natural resources will be required to enroll in undergraduate cognate course work (and the prerequisites to those courses) that will not count for credit toward a degree. This course work will be scheduled in consultation with the student’s advisory committee.  

Specific requirements are listed under the Forest Resources graduate program section of the University of Arkansas at Monticello catalog.

Information on admission to the University of Arkansas at Monticello is available under Admissions.

Graduate Application Form


A limited number of part-time graduate assistantships are available through the College of Forestry, Agriculture & Natural Resources. Graduate assistantships can only be offered to students after they have been accepted for graduate studies by both the University of Arkansas at Monticello and the College of Forestry, Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Graduate assistantships are awarded to outstanding students who can make valuable contributions to the College of Forestry, Agriculture & Natural Resources research and teaching programs. When offered, graduate assistantships provide students a stipend, renewable annually, for up to 24 months. Renewal is contingent upon satisfactory fulfillment of obligations and responsibilities. Graduate assistants are provided further financial assistance through the waiver of tuition. This waiver covers only required coursework as outlined on an approved degree plan and typically for only for 30 graduate credit hours: it does not include tuition for required cognate courses or courses not listed on the degree plan.  Tuition payment above 30 credit hours is subject to approval by the Dean.  Additionally, work/study space is provided for each graduate assistant.