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Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management

In the NATURAL RESOURCES MAJOR, students are provided a balance of general and professional coursework. The Forestry option is accredited by the Society of American Foresters and prepares students for managing forest resources. The Wildlife Management and Conservation option is designed to give students a broad scientific background for management and perpetuation of wildlife resources. The Geospatial Science option integrates GIS, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and remote sensing technology with natural resources management. The Communications in Natural Resources curriculum provides students a broad background in communication as well as natural resources management. The Environmental Science option allows broad flexibility through the individualized selection of environmental and natural resource management courses.

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Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

In the AGRICULTURE MAJOR, students can choose from four options: Agribusiness, Animal Science, Plant and Soil Science, and General Agriculture.  In addition, students desiring to enter veterinary school are provided course work and advising aimed at meeting the requirements of institutions offering a degree in veterinary medicine.  The Agribusiness option curriculum provides students with a broad agriculture background applicable across all business fields within the industry.  The Animal Science option provides students with a background in animal production, management, and the broad animal industry.  The Plant and Soil Science option is designed to provide students with a comprehensive scientific background for sustainable management of crops, soils, and water resources.  The General Agriculture option provides an opportunity to combine courses from all options into a customized degree curriculum.

Pre Vet Emphasis [PDF]

Students are provided course work and advising to meet the entrance requirements of the veterinary school of their choice and may simultaneously complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture under the Animal Science Option.

Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying

The LAND SURVEYING MAJOR prepares students to meet the growing demand for a geo-technology workforce. The program provides students with the tools and education to take the state survey licensure exam and become a professional land surveyor. The first two years of coursework emphasize various aspects of professional education. Surveying licensure is available to Land Surveying graduates.

Associate of Science in Agriculture

The ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURE requires 60 semester hours and offers coursework leading to supportive employment opportunities in the agriculture industry.  Students completing this degree can use the earned credit toward a Bachelor of Science degree in the Agriculture major.

Associate of Science in Land Surveying

The ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE DEGREE IN LAND SURVEYING TECHNOLOGY requires 64 semester hours and two academic years for completion. The associate degree includes courses in general education and land surveying. Graduates of the A.S. in Land Surveying Technology have the opportunity to take the state licensure exam, successful completion of the exam enables the student to become a licensed professional land surveyor.

Associate of Science in Natural Resources Management

The ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT is a credential that students pursuing a baccalaureate in Natural Resources Management earn after completing the first two years of required coursework.  With the completion of this A.S. degree, students will have the skills for a range of employment opportunities in natural resources management fields, including positions requiring field sampling, laboratory processing, and data entry and processing.

Associate of Applied Science in Forest Technology

The ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEGREE IN FOREST TECHNOLOGY requires 60 semester hours and offers coursework that prepares individuals to assist foresters in the management and production of forest resources. Coursework includes instruction in woods and field skills, tree identification, forest measurements, forest propagation and regeneration, forest fire-fighting, resource management, and personnel supervision. For students who wish to further their forest-related education, this AAS degree is designed to closely parallel the first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management degree. In addition to providing a pathway for transitioning to a four-year baccalaureate degree, students who begin in the four-year program also may transfer easily to the AAS degree track, if their interests or circumstances warrant.

Graduate Degrees