Program Description

The entire Advanced Manufacturing Technology program consists of four exit points including a Certificate of Proficiency in Manufacturing Principles, a Technical Certificate in Industrial Production Technology, a more advanced Technical Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and an Associate of Applied Science in Advanced Manufacturing Technology degree. All core courses have been created based on the demand of businesses and industries.

The program length for a full-time student in the Industrial Production Technology technical certificate is two (2) semesters and one (1) summer term. The program costs are approximately $3,500 for tuition and fees and approximately $1,050 for books and supplies.

    Fall Semester Credit Hours
IPT 1013 Introduction to Manufacturing 3
IPT 1022 Industrial  Safety for Manufacturing 2
IPT 1522 Profressional Behaviors 2
MAT 1023 Technical Math or higher-level math course 3
CFA 1103 Tech Computer Fundamentals OR higher-level computer course 3
COM 1203 Tech Communications or higher-level composition course 3
    Exit: Manufacturing Principles Certificate of Proficiency 16

    Spring Semester Credit Hours
IPT 1053 Electricity  for Manufacturing 3
IPT  1063 Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance & Operation 3
IPT  1073 Print Reading, Tolerancing & Precision Measurement 3
IPT 1043 Industrial Plant Process 3
IPT 1923 Advanced Manufacturing Applications 3
    Exit: Industrial Production Technology Technical Certificate 31

**Required for Associate Degree

Upon successful completion of this technical certificate program a student should be able to:

  • Perform entry-level manufacturing jobs with a basic foundational knowledge of safety, plant processes, and
    advanced industrial mathematics.
  • Demonstrate competencies in beginning levels of industrial production to include basic electricity,
    equipment, print reading, and precision measurement.
  • Demonstrate a value for and knowledge of applications of quality management and lean management.

contact information

Linda Rushing
Vice Chancellor 
M. Ed., University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
B.S., Business Administration, University of Arkansas at Monticello
Office: Main Bldg. Adm A-1 Phone: 870-460-2001