Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multifactor Authentication is now being required on all Faculty/Staff, and Student accounts.
Resources to help guide
you through setup and FAQs can be found below.

MFA Setup Instructions and Resources:

After MFA is registered on your account, you will have to log into your Microsoft accounts again.  This includes any Microsoft account that you are signed into on your desktop, phone, and/or tablet.  For instance, if you use Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive, you will have to sign back into all three services in all of the places that you use those services.  When you log in, Microsoft does give you an option to trust the computer.  If you check that box, Microsoft will not send an MFA notification for a period of time for the device you signed in on.  Once some time has passed, you will have to log into everything again.


MFA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an additional layer of security that helps to protect your account. With MFA, you will be using something you know (your password) with something you have (your  device/smartphone) to confirm your identity. MFA helps to better secure your email and other UAM resources by asking for a second form of authentication, which usually comes in the form of a notification from a mobile app, a text, or a call to your phone.

Once MFA has been enabled and setup on your account and you attempt a logon, you will enter your username and password as normal.  After the username and password have been verified, a notification will be sent to you.  Notifications usually come in the form of a phone call, a text, or a notification from an application.  Once the notification has been received, and you have verified that you are the one who initiated the login, you will be given access to your account.

Currently, all users are required to authenticate with MFA when signing into  your myUAM portal (Blackboard, Weevilnet, Workday, etc.), any Office 365 application, such as Outlook, OneDrive, etc. You will also receive an MFA notification when logging into other UAM services, such as the IT/Maintenance Work Order System (SchoolDude), Aramark’s Sidekick App, and NextGen forms.

If you feel you do not have the technology to successfully enroll, please call the Information Technology (IT) Department and an IT professional will work directly with you to find a solution that works best for you. 

Yes, all student, faculty, and staff accounts will be required to verify their identity through multi-factor authentication to deliver an additional level of protection for their accounts.. If someone gains access to your account, not only do they have access to your data, but also your personal information.  Multi-Factor Authentication helps to prevent access to your account should your credentials get compromised.

MFA will be enabled on your account through the IT Department. Once the service is enabled, the next time you login to a service that requires MFA, you will be prompted to enroll with Microsoft MFA. If you feel you do not have the technology to successfully enroll, please call the UAM IT Help Desk at 870-460-1036.

You will need to know your UAM E-Mail Address and password.

Any student that feels they don’t have the technology to successfully enroll, or has concerns about how the process will work for them, should contact the UAM IT Help Desk. An IT professional will work directly with each student to find a solution that works best for them. Our IT staff can go through the authentication methods (mobile, app, text, and calling) with them, and ensure their phone is setup successfully or can determine an alternate path for MFA, if needed.

Yes, we encourage you to enroll more than one device that you might have nearby in case your main device is lost or unavailable.

No, any telephone or smart device will work. Smart devices are recommended as they provide the quickest, simplest experience through the approval of notification prompts. Additionally, SMS or text messages can be sent to your phone along with receiving a phone call for verification to the phone number on record.

No, you will be given a “remember me” option per device basis. This means that if you access your email from your laptop and your phone, you will be required to authenticate on each device, but it will offer a “remember me” option that will save your authentication on that device for several days. It is recommended that you only tell it to trust computers that only you use, and not computers that are shared with other people.

Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance. Depending on your circumstance, we can assist you in configuring another device for MFA. 

Having Issues with Setting Up MFA? Not Sure What To Do?

Contact IT Support Staff:

Office of Information Technology
University of Arkansas at Monticello
Student Success Center Suite 207
Phone: (870) 460 – 1036

IT Department