Degree Programs

Program Information

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers students the opportunity to Major in the following areas:

  • Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.))
  • History (Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.)) 
  • Political Science (Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.)) 
  • Psychology (Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.))
  • Social Work (Bachelor of Social Work Degree (B.S.W.))

Minor is offered in each the following disciplines:

Criminal Justice - History – Human Services - Political Science – Psychology - Social Work - Sociology

Courses are also offered in Anthropology and Geography.

Major and Minor Requirements

All baccalaureate degrees require at least 120 hours of college credit, courses at the 1000-level or above (non-remedial). These courses must include the General Education requirements. Identity requirements and at least 40 hours of Upper Level (3000- 4000) courses. Following is a listing, by program, of the requirements for a Major and/or Minor in that area: 

Criminal Justice
Human Services Minor
Political Science
Pre-Law Program - Pre-law is not a major. Students interested in a attending Law School should plan a program of study in consultation with the Pre-Law advisor.
Sociology Minor
Social Work

8 Semester Plans (8SP)

Criminal Justice - 8SP
History - 8SP
Political Science - 8SP
Psychology - 8SP
Social Work - 8SP

Course Descriptions (CD)

Anthropology - CD
Geography - CD
Criminal Justice - CD
History - CD
Political Science - CD
Psychology - CD
Social Work - CD
Sociology - CD