Preceptor Information

Preceptor Orientation

Thank you for agreeing to be a UAM School of Nursing Preceptor.  Please click on the below link to complete our preceptor orientation.  You will also find documents below that are specific to the preceptorship.  Once you have completed the preceptor orientation PowerPoint, please email Dr. Brandy Haley, School of Nursing Dean and Associate Professor in Nursing at  

Preceptor Orientation

Practicum: a selected experience wherein a designated professional nurse collaborates with faculty to supervise, teach, and evaluate student performance.

Practicum Preceptor: a professional nurse employed by a health care agency who agrees to collaborate with faculty to supervise, teach, and evaluate student performance in a selected practicum experience.

Purpose:  The UAM School of Nursing faculty believes that involvement of professional nurses in health care agencies supports and enhances the quality of learning and strengthens the link between nursing education and nursing practice. Practica are used to provide educational experiences for students in the development of nursing roles beyond that which is possible during traditional practicum experiences.  The practicum experience is expected to provide the student an opportunity to:

  • translate theory into practice through a collaborative relationship with an expert in nursing practice.
  • develop effective practicum judgments based on interactions with a professional who has demonstrated success in nursing practice.
  • increase competence and confidence under the guidance of an expert.
  • professionally benefit from the relationship between nursing education and nursing practice.

Important Preceptor Forms

Below are forms that you will need to complete and submit to the School of Nursing.  You can either send the forms back electronically to  Dr. Haley at or print the forms and give to your student to return.  Please have the forms completed and submitted before the first  practicum experience.

Agreement to Precept

Practicum Preceptor Form 

Evaluation Forms

Evaluation is a vital component to our preceptor program.  As the preceptor, you are expected to evaluate the student.  The student evaluation form includes behaviors expected of students who meet the objectives for the practicum.  Please indicate your evaluation of the student’s performance on a 0 - 4 scale.  Return the student evaluation form to the UAM School of Nursing – Attention Dr. Brandy Haley - P.O. Box 3606, Monticello, AR 71656 as soon as the practicum experience has concluded, or no later than the last Friday in April.  The student should bring you a stamped envelope to return the evaluation in the mail.  You may also email your completed evaluation to Dr. Haley at

Preceptor Evaluation of Student Performance

Each student will evaluate their preceptor and submit the following evaluation form to Dr. Haley (Leadership and Management Professor) and in turn, the evaluation will be share directly with the preceptor and the School of Nursing faculty.  Students will not directly turn in the evaluation form to the preceptor.  The evaluation will be completed by the student after the practicum experience has concluded.

Student Evaluation of Preceptor Performance