Hospitality Services

The Hospitality Services program is designed to
provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, and
technical ability appropriate for employment in a wide variety of positions in the hospitality industry. This program includes supervised internships with work-related experiences to simulate realistic problems and opportunities.  Students may seek careers in the field of hotel and restaurant management, tourism, or guest services.  Students are prepared for entry-level positions in the hospitality industry as well as enhancing the skills of individuals currently employed in lodging, gaming, entertainment venues, and restaurants.

We offer three levels of completion in the Hospitality Services program:

Student Learning Outcomes:

Successful completers of this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate safety and sanitation in the food and lodging industry by identifying, maintaining, and safely utilizing commercial tools and equipment
  • Outline the skills and behaviors required during customer involvement to analyze, judge and act in ways that contribute to customer satisfaction.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of operations relative to the provisions of goods and services in the hospitality, foodservice, and hotel management industries.
  • Compile effective written and interpersonal communication skills to justify knowledge of fundamental supervisory responsibilities.
  • Identify hospitality as the act of generously providing care to those in need and relating understanding through community service.

Graduation Requirements (Suggested Schedule)

Dept Course
Course Title Credit Hours
  Fall Semester    
HOSP 1022 Safety and Sanitation 2
HOSP 1033 Hospitality Customer Service Relations 3
HOSP 1013 Hospitality, Travel & Tourism 3
HOSP 1094 Culinary Fundamentals 4
BUS 2003 Tech Business English OR Higher-level composition course 3
CFA 1103 Tech Computer Fundamentals OR Higher-level computer course 3
    EXIT: Certificate of Proficiency - Hospitality Skills 18
  Spring Semester    
HOSP 1103 Culinary Preparation and Presentation 3
HOSP 1063 Principles of Lodging Operation 3
HOSP 1073 Hospitality Management 3
HOSP 1113 Principles of Baking 3
MAT 1203 Technical Mathematics OR Higher-level mathematics course 3
  Summer I Term    
HOSP 1082 Internship in Hospitality Services 2
COM 1102 Employability Skills/Ethics 2
    EXIT:  Technical Certificate – Hospitality Services 37