Emergency Medical Technician - Basic

EMT-Basic Course is an introductory study of emergency medical pre-hospital care.  The course prepares individuals for employment as a Basic EMT.  It follows the national standard curriculum set forth by the Department of Transportation.  Instruction includes standard of care, legal/ethical issues, and pre-hospital procedures and techniques performed during emergencies.  Upon successful completion, the EMT candidate will meet the requirements to challenge the National Registry EMT-Basic Examination.  NOTE:  EMT-Basic is a prerequisite for the Paramedic program (offered on the McGehee campus).  This course may also be applied toward one of the Emphasis areas in the Health Professions program which leads to a Technical Certificate and Associate of Applied Science Degree in General Technology.

Specific training requirements for this course include:

  • 120 hours of theory
  • 24 hours of training in the hospital
  • 24 hours of training in the ambulance, with six emergency runs
  • 8 hours of training in extrication by the State of Arkansas. (This can be via videos, PowerPoint presentations, or with the Fire Department when they are training in extrication.)

Graduation Requirements (Suggested Schedule)

Dept Course
Course Title Credit Hours
EMT 1138 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic 8

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