Rates Information

The semester and yearly rates for living in a residence hall at University of Arkansas at Monticello depend on the residence hall/ apartment you select. Suite-style & apartment-style buildings are more expensive than the room-style options. Also, rates vary within a building depending on the type of room and meal plan you select. 

The contract rates can be paid either by semester or by monthly payment plan, with arrangements with Cashier’s office. Regardless of payment option, housing contracts are for both per semester for residence halls and per year for apartments.

Fill out your residence hall and food service application here.

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Per Semester

Horsfall Double $1440.00
Royer Double $1440.00
Bankston Double $1695.00
*Single Rooms are not available
Maxwell Double $1695.00
*Single Rooms are not available
University Apts. $2300.00

There is a $425 additional charge for
single/private rooms, when available.

HHFA Apartments $1210.00

Meal Plans

7 Day/19 Meals w/ $40 declining balance $1630.00
7 Day/15 Meals w/ $75 declining balance $1580.00
7 Day/10 Meals w/ $125 declining balance $1530.00
Block (Apartments Only) $660.00/Semester
(45 meals - $175 DCB)

Summer 2018 Rates

Per Semester

Maxwell Double $260.00
University Apts.       $450.00
HHFA Apartments $225.00
Meals Plans  
5 Day/15 Meals $355.00
5 Day/10 meals $330.00

Commuter Meal Plans

Per Semester

20 Meals/$150 Declining Balance $310.00
50 Meals/$75 Declining Balance $435.00
Any 10 Meals $85.00
$275 Declining Balance $250.00
$575 Declining Balance $500.00