Strategic Plan 2016-2019

University of Arkansas at Monticello
Taylor Library

Strategic Plan, 2016-2019

Goal One:      The Library will have a renovated Main Floor that will better serve our community and enhance prospects for student success.
1.A.     The Library will offer services to meet student needs, possibly including:
            1.A.1.  More small-group study rooms
            1.A.2.  More comfortable study carrels and tables
            1.A.3.  Better access to good coffee
            1.A.4.  More efficient printing/copying services, including a color printer
            1.A.5.  A Leisure Reading area with comfortable seating and shelving for books of current interest
            1.A.6.  Technical assistance
            1.A.7.  Better public computers, with a replacement schedule
            1.A.8.  Updated signage
Responsibility: Director
Measure:         Main Floor redesigned, renovated
Target:            December 2017
Cost:                Unknown


Goal Two:      The Library will strengthen its marketing in order to allow the community to better utilize our resources and services. Research demonstrates that students who visit the library have better retention and graduation rates than those who do not.
2.A.     Increase Social Network presence.
Tactic 2.A.1.  Increase number of Facebook friends.
                Responsibility:        Social Network coordinator
                Measures:  Number of friends increases by 100% by 2017, 200% by                      2019.
                 Costs:         $150/year
    Tactic 2.A.2               Explore possibilities of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter
             Responsibility:  Social Network Coordinator
             Measure:  Set up Snapchat presence by 2017, Instagram by 2018
             Costs:    $150/year
2.B      Strengthen Marketing Presence
Tactic 2.B.1    Obtain and train with better hardware and software for visual presentation.
            Responsibility: Director
            Measure:  Have new computer, software
            Target: August 2018
            Cost:  $2,000 for computer
                        $300 annually for programs

Tactic 2.B.2      The Library will enhance the visibility of Special Collections.
            Responsibility:  Special Collections Librarian
            Measure:   Special Collections webpage and online exhibits
            Target Date:     July 2017
            Cost:  None. 

2.C.     The Library will strengthen its collaboration within the university community.
Tactic 2.C.1.  The Library will work with Student Affairs in its public announcements.
            Responsibility:  Director
            Measure: public announcements made in conjunction with Student Affairs.
            Cost: None
Tactic 2.C.2.  The Library will work with Student Affairs in establishing a presence in dormitories.
            Responsibility: Student Success Librarian
            Measure: Little Libraries or other presence in dorms
            Target date: July 2019
             Cost: None
Tactic 2.C.3.    Instructional Technology to develop a Library Tab in the Blackboard shell.
            Responsibility: Student Success Librarian
            Measure: Tab developed and included in the shell.
            Target date: July 2017
            Cost:  None
Tactic 2.C.4.   The Library will work with Upward Bound to identify and employ students in the Library.
             Responsibility: Desk Supervisor
             Measure:        Students employed
             Target Date:  January 2017
             Cost:               No additional cost
Tactic 2.C.5.  The Library will work with the Athletic Department to publicize our services and encourage use of the Library by Student Athletes
            Responsibility: Student Success Librarian
            Measure:         More library usage by student athletes
            Cost:                No additional cost

Goal Three:
   The Library will strengthen its services to better meet student needs.
3.A.     We will continually monitor and revise our hours of operation to meet student needs.
            Responsibility: Director and Library Supervisor
            Measure:         Calendar revised annually
            Target:            Immediate
            Cost:                None

3.B.     We will increase our service and presence on the Main Floor:
Tactic 3.B.1    We will greet all who enter the Library
            Responsibility:            Director
            Measure:  All those entering the library are greeted within 30 seconds.
            Target: Immediate
            Cost:    None
Tactic 3.B.2    Librarians will walk about the building offering help.
            Responsibility:            Director
            Measure:   Librarians will be on the floor, away from the desk, for fifteen minutes of each hour.
            Target: Immediate
            Cost:    None

3.C.     The Library will update the print collection.
            Responsibility: Collection Development Librarian, Serials Librarian, Special Collections Librarian
            Measure: The following areas will be weeded and updates:
                        Main Floor: by December 2016
                        E-F:     By July 2017
                        G-N     By July 2018
                        P-Z:     By July 2019
                        Special Collections: By July 2019
                        Bound Periodicals: By December 2016
            Cost: Included in the budget

Goal Four
:     The Library will increase its partnerships with local agencies
            4.A.     The Library will patronize local businesses in marketing efforts by purchasing gift certificates as appropriate.
                        Responsibility:  Library Director
                        Measure:         Gift certificates purchased
                        Target:            Immediate
                        Cost:                None additional -- $250/year (2.A.1 and 2.A.2)
            4.B.     The Library will collaborate with local and regional libraries to integrate information literacy into schools and other programs.
            Tactic 4.B.1:  The Library will work to instruct area teachers of available resources at UAM Library
                        Responsibility: Student Success Librarian
                        Measure:         Workshops and presentations made to groups
                        Target:            October 2016
                        Cost:                None
            Tactic 4.B.2:  The Library will coordinate consortial activities with regional public and academic libraries, to help promote lifelong learning and quality of life.
                        Responsibility: Director
                        Measure:          Quarterly meetings of regional librarians
                        Target:             June 2017
                        Cost:                 $250/year
            4.C.     The Library will reconsider fees for outside use by the Library in order to increase our visibility and help promote the quality of life in Monticello.
                        Responsibility: Director
                        Measure:         Policy studied by Library Committee
                        Target:             March 2017
                        Cost:                None