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UAM Scholarship Application

Institutional Scholarships: The University awards a limited amount of scholarships to students each year.  The Scholarship Deadline is March 1st.  If you applied for admission to UAM, you have already applied for the Institutional Scholarships awarded based off of your ACT/SAT scores.

Apply for State Aid

YOUniversal Scholarship Application

Arkansas State Aid - completion of the Arkansas YOUniversal Scholarship Application is required. The Arkansas Department of Higher Education has information available for students and parents (  Click the START button to begin registering, or log in if you are a returning user. The application deadline is June 1st for most programs; however, it is February 1st for the Governor's Scholarships. Eligibility for Arkansas state financial aid programs is disclosed by ADHE via email to the student. 

The awards will only appear on UAM financial aid notification letters generated after the school has been notified; however, all financial aid awards can be viewed on WeevilNet in the Student Services Center. It is a student's responsibility to keep his or her ADHE profile updated with the school you plan to attend.

Check WeevilNet & UAM Student Email Regularly

Students are strongly encouraged to routinely check their WeevilNet and UAM student email throughout the process. WeevilNet To-Do checklists are posted by various departments to remind students about outstanding documents needed.