Welcome to your future!

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SSBS) at UAM is one of the strongest and most dynamic segments of the university’s overall educational community. Professors and faculty with teaching experience from all over the nation and world have converged to bring students a challenging classroom experience that equips them for the future.

SSBS courses and programs are each designed to provide preparation for careers in social services, government, and teaching, as well as preparation for graduate and professional studies. Primarily geared to baccalaureate degree programs, the school also plays a significant role in the general education program of all students at UAM.

A vibrant classroom environment is further facilitated by caring educators who are determined to model and provide the best in education for UAM students, which extends beyond the classroom and includes the opportunity to present at conferences and travel both nationally and abroad.

Students can focus their studies in the areas of Psychology, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology.

If these areas of study appeal to you, we are confident that you will receive not only a rewarding experience, but also an education that can make you competitive in our ever-shrinking global community.

Stop by and visit … our doors are always open!