Congratulations! You are about to take the first step toward entering the wonderful and rewarding profession of teaching. Teaching is a time-honored profession in which one has the opportunity to change the lives of thousands of individuals in the span of a career. Teachers can create a climate and culture in which the hopes and dreams of students and parents can be realized.

The UAM School of Education aspires to prepare multi-faceted, highly qualified professional educators who are caring individuals and are committed to addressing the challenges of educating a diverse population of P-12 students in an evolving technological world. Teachers must be like brilliant jewelers who address the individual needs of students by shaping each one into multi-faceted gemstones that reflect the knowledge, skills, and belief in self required to be a productive citizen.

As you will see below, the UAM School of Education offers teacher licensure undergraduate programs of study in K-6 Elementary Education, Middle Level Childhood Education, and K-12 Physical Education. Our graduate programs include the Master of Education, the Master of Education in Educational Leadership for building level administration, the Master of Arts in Teaching degree and the Master of Physical Education. To see information on our courses and program, download the Education Catalog Section. (PDF link)

The UAM School of Education faculty and staff are dedicated to the highest standards for the preparation of teachers and administrators. As a CAEP accredited teacher education program, the School of Education prepares teachers to be professional educators who have knowledge of content, are skilled in instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students and are competent in the use of classroom technology to promote student learning. Graduates of our programs value the diversity of their community and school and understand the importance of meeting the needs of a diverse student population.

Welcome to the education profession.

Kim Level, Dean
UAM School of Education