It is the mission of the School of Agriculture to provide educational programs on both the theory and practice of agricultural science enabling the graduate to compete within and contribute to this diverse field at the producer, industry, and graduate student level.  This mission is accomplished through degree options in Agribusiness, Animal Science, Plant and Soil Science, and General Agriculture.  An agriculture minor is also offered.  Those desiring agricultural degree programs not offered at the University of Arkansas at Monticello are provided introductory course work and advising designed to facilitate transfer to another institution.  In addition, students desiring to enter veterinary school are provided course work and advising aimed at meeting the requirements of institutions offering a degree in veterinary medicine.

Student Learning Outcomes

A student who graduates from the School of Agriculture should be able to:

  1. Display knowledge of the local, state, and national agriculture industry and education system.
  2. Perform critical reasoning, perceive assumptions, and make judgments based on the basic principles of animal science, plant and soil science, and agricultural economics.
  3. Utilize sound decision-making techniques necessary for solving profitable farm and agribusiness management problems.
  4. Identify prominent agricultural pests with their associated benefits/damages and the current management practices applied.
  5. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills contained within courses for their chosen agriculture degree option.
  6. Identify and successfully pursue employment opportunities in his/her chosen field of the agriculture industry.

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