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The College of Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resources offers majors in Natural Resources Management, Agriculture, and Land Surveying.  Both the Natural Resources Management and Agriculture majors each include a choice of five options.  In Natural Resources, options include Forestry, Wildlife Management & Conservation, Geospatial Science, Communications in Natural Resources, and Environmental Science.  In Agriculture, options include Agribusiness, Animal Science, Plant and Soil Science, Site Specific Management, and General Agriculture.  A pre-vet emphasis is also available under the Animal Science option. The College also offers 2-year Associate degrees in Forest Technology, Agriculture, and Land Surveying Technology, and a Master of Science in Forest Resources.  Generous supporters of the College have provided for more than 50 fully endowed student scholarships.

The College faculty is composed of highly-regarded, nationally renowned educators and scientists, including several endowed chairs and professorships.  Some faculty also have appointments with the Arkansas Forest Resources Center, a University of Arkansas Center of Excellence, which provides an umbrella for all the University of Arkansas's activities in forest-based natural resources research and extension. While the Center’s programs range state-wide, it is headquartered at the School of Forestry & Natural Resources on the University of Arkansas at Monticello campus.

Dr. Phil Tappe

Dean of the College of Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Arkansas at Monticello

Director of the Arkansas Forest Resources Center
University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

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