In accordance with the Federal Government‘s Gainful Employment Regulations, the University of Arkansas at Monticello is pleased to provide prospective students and consumers with information required to make good educational choices.  Specifically, total program costs, loan repayment rates, graduates' debt-to-earnings ratio and other critical consumer information to help students better choose the gainful employment program that is right for them.

GE Disclosures for 2016-2017

Administrative Office Technology 16-17

Automotive Service Technology 16-17

Computer Maintenance Networking 16-17

Early Childhood Education 16-17

Electromechanical Technology 16-17

Electromechanical Technology Instrumentation 16-17

Health Information Technology 16-17

Heavy Equipment Operation 16-17

Hospitality Services 16-17

Practical Nursing 16-17

Welding Technology 16-17


GE Disclosures for 2015-2016

Administrative Information Technology 15-16

Automotive Service Technology 15-16

Computer Maintenance Networking 15-16

Early Childhood Education 15-16

Electromechanical Technology 15-16

Electromechanical Technology Instrumentation 15-16

Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic 15-16

Health Information Technology 15-16

Heavy Equipment Operation 15-16

Hospitality Services 15-16

Practical Nursing  15-16

Welding Technology 15-16


GE Disclosures for 2014-2015

Administrative Office Technology 14-15

Automotive Service Technology 14-15

Computer Maintenance Networking 14-15

Early Childhood Education 14-15

Electromechanical Technology 14-15

Electromechanical Technology Instrumentation 14-15

Health Information Technology 14-15

Heavy Equipment Operation 14-15

Hospitality Services 14-15

Practical Nursing 14-15

Welding Technology 14-15


GE Disclosures for 2013-2014

Administrative Office Technology 13-14

Computer Maintenance Networking 13-14

Correctional Law Enforcement 13-14

Early Childhood Education 13-14

Electromechanical Technology 13-14

Electromechanical Technology Instrumentation 13-14

Emergency Medical Technician 13-14

Health Information Technology 13-14

Heavy Equipment Operation 13-14

Hospitality Services 13-14

Practical Nursing 13-14

Welding Technology 13-14

GE Disclosures for 2012-2013

Administrative Office Technology

Computer Maintenance Networking

Correctional Law Enforcement

Early Childhood Education

Electromechanical Technology

Electromechanical Technology Instrumentation

Emergency Medical Technician

Health Information Technology

Heavy Equipment Operation

Hospitality Services

Practical Nursing

Welding Technology

GE Disclosure 2012-2013

GE Disclosure 2011-2012

GE Disclosure 2010-2011

GE Disclosure 2009-2010