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   Work-study students will be maintaining The Voice during their office hours.  This will require them to possess a lab key for entry, which means their name will be on a list for Public Safety officers to know they have permission to be there after hours if ever necessary. To enter the lab after hours, an editor must first contact Public Safety to gain entry into Wells Hall.

I. Security/Conservation first/last

A. Are all computers/monitors/keyboards accounted for? Anything else askew?

B. Are unused components shut off (if not preparing for class in lab)?

    Each day when you arrive at the lab, first clock in. Then immediately count the 12 Mac minis; when you leave the lab, count them again. If any discrepancy exists at all, immediately contact the adviser, dean or public safety. When equipment goes missing, Student Publications suffer as money that could have spent for new equipment must instead be spent on replacing things. If equipment is missing, immediately check the list of people who came in lab.

    After counting computers, keyboards and monitors, the editor will proceed to check incoming materials and email for The Voice for news releases and tips, then edit news releases and publish newsworthy material to The Voice. Anything of interest to the campus community will start the editing process. This includes staff material, news releases from Media Services or Sports Information, community news and things you find online of interest to the campus community. People visit The Voice to find out about UAM, so it will only contain UAM/SEARK/Monticello materials.

II. Edit Incoming Copy

   By focusing on the Arkansas-Monticello campus community, The Voice provides information not as easily procured elsewhere. The Voice will no longer carry nationally syndicated content that online readers can gather elsewhere; the money saved will be used to further update equipment. The Voice will link to state, regional and national news of interest to the UAM campus community. Just as before, opinions expressed within The Voice are not necessarily shared by the University proper.

   Each semester’s staff will elect an Editor-in-Chief from among the Web Editors on work-study, but one person won't be responsible for everything.. Senior Web Editors will have taken the editing course; Junior Web Editors will have yet to be exposed to that detail, relying instead on The Voice‘s publication stylebook, the AP Stylebook and a sense of news values.

   When articles or press releases arrive in The Voice email, the editing trail starts. Everybody's editing everything. Before anything posts, multiple editors view it. Their status determines how many people need to view it prior to publishing:

  • 2 Sr. Editors
  • 1 Sr. Editor + 2 Jr. Editors
  • 3 Jr. Editors

    Rather than assigning different section editors, each Web Editor will be responsible for the news flow during his or her assigned hours. This should keep any student from feeling as though they must "do all of the work" to publish. This way something that arrives in the morning should be posted by the afternoon. Everybody helps everyone else; those who don't do the work lose their work-study, to be replaced by someone who will help do the work.

III. Post Copy

A. Check for edited materials to post. Each article should contain Headline, byline, Article

- Categorize by choosing from list. If event not listed there, contact adviser PRIOR to adding a new category for a second check.

- Tag any name within the article. For tagging purposes, even non-prominent individuals get tagged as they may become prominent over time.

- Add photo with cutlines, credits, alignment, border=1

B. If/when there's no news to edit or post, add something to the blog.

- morning jolt - song, quote, video to make readers want to get out of bed and go to school

-mid-morning - song of the day

- afternoon encouragement - song, quote, video to make readers want to study

-mid-afternoon - pic of the day

---Buzzworthy - Use this icon when linking to incidents of interest to the UAM Campus Community, e.g. birth announcements, obituaries, stories about Arkansas Higher Education. When posting obits, please check both the media library and the UAM yearbooks in the lab to see if we might have a photo of the person. Use links to search Arkansas' collegiate and professional news outlets.

---Concert Calendar - Alert the campus community to upcoming concerts within a 150-mile radius.

---Share Your Voice - Use this icon to entice comment by asking opinions about current events or articles. Perhaps polls with comment opportunities. Also use for video man-on-street interviews. Make the readers want to interact through polls, questions, etc.

---Shuffle - Mix It Up - Share Your top 3 selections from your iPod or Embed Videos from Youtube

---View of the Day -- Picture and cutline of campus happening. Try to keep best of best for the publication; put the rest on facebook.

---The Voice of Oz - Use for advice column

---The Weekly Weevil - Highlight either an athlete or student doing something to be lauded.

C. Post corrections and Letters to the Editor to the Readers' Forum

 - Bequeaths (need a logo) - at the end of the semester, entice reader's to bequeath something to someone in the next class, or Greeks to their Little Brother/Little Sister.

- Classifieds FREE BOX!   - some texts in free books

- Corrections:  Every correction includes the full, unedited text from the reader; a link to the article in question; an explanation of the problem (if necessary); a description of what was done when to fix the problem.

IV. Social Media care-taking

   Social media continues to change the way people find their news. Many more people receive their media online or through a mobile device than ever before.

   The Voice uses social media to keep the campus community informed and connected, i.e. not only can readers respond to articles through feedback at the end or through the Readers' Forum, they can also instigate articles through social media and attract more readers by highlighting their campus involvement.

   The Voice's social media outlets should complement -- not compete with -- the publication. People come to different sites for different things.

A. facebook -- The primary focus on facebook is to increase awareness of The Voice. The Voice's facebook automatically posts to the twitter account, so any stories linked there need not be tweeted again.

Making readers aware of each other will increase the interactivity of the site. Make the readers want to interact through links to The Voice's polls, questions, etc. Can also provide facebook-centered polls. REMEMBER: complement rather than compete.

- make readers feel part of the peer group, i.e. their response to song of day, picture of day; ask them to tag The Voice in pictures of biggest fish, buck, duck; muddiest truck; i.e. things they'd want the campus community to see.

- post Around Campus announcements in entirety, since beat info should often lead folks to do something.

- You're in The Voice (we really need a new logo for this) --  In addition to sending an email to their campus address, tag them in a daily facebook shout-out of those people making it into The Voice. Their friends will see it on facebook, which should lead them to The Voice for the article. Your other writings will keep them there.

- post links to recently posted staff articles. If they contain facebook followers, tag them in the link.  No need to post media services links since they're already on facebook.

- lead readers to The Voice's website, i.e. tease them on facebook. Give them a lead from a story and make them go to the site to finish the article.

 - announce breaking stories, holidays, events, promotions, staffing announcements

- post photographs not used in The Voice; ask campus community to tag them.

- elicit reader feedback for upcoming articles; poll for general attitudes (noting it's not scientific); ask readers for tips (best place to date? best Mexican food?

- Instant feedback, i.e. What did you like best in The Voice this week?

B. Twitter Tweet once a shift!

   Increase twitter traffic by using your headline writing skills to promote particular stories, Web extras, e.g. slideshows, cartoons of the day.

- Early morning editor could post SOTD; evening editor could post SOTN. The Voice will gain followers wanting to encounter a variety of music. When I did SOTD, I gained a lot of followers on both. Downside: Some see STD, which can be uncomfortable for some. Might change the name. A good place for a Shuffle-Mix It Up! to turn folks on to new music.

- Retweet local weather forecast

- Lunch editor could post best meal deal from campus dining.

-You can also retweet events from campus organizations.  

V. Security/Conservation first/last

A. Are all computers/monitors/keyboards accounted for? Anything else askew?

B. Are unused components shut off (if not preparing for class in lab)?



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