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   Maybe you have never heard of a beat. Lucky for you, some people before you did. How well they did may or may not give you a head start, but it's definitely a good idea to find out what's been written before so that you can explain things in context.

   For more information about beats, check out the FAQ. Some contacts for student organizations can be found here. Take a look at the production schedule. The Voice will hold staff meetings Mondays from 11 a.m. - noon in 106 Wells Hall. See you there!

Beat Editors/Reporters
Campus GovernmentKaron Parrish & Will Whiting F04; Michael Ford S05-F06; Bradly Gill S06; Brooke Burger F07; Danielle Thomas-Kloap '08-S09; Susan Pruitt '09; Linna Jones S10; Douglas Boultinghouse F10-S11; Indra Kriner F11-S12
CrossettAmber Rowe '10; Kimberly Daniel S'12
McGeheeTara Snider-Coburn '10
AgricultureKevin Sims F07; Shane Glass '08; John Kloap S09; Andreddi McDaniels F10; Lindsey Gentry S11; Steven Porter F11; Craig Beckerman S12
Arts & Humanities Linna Jones F07-S08; Susan Pruitt F08; Douglas Boutlinghouse '09; Glenn Beer F10; Brittany Gilliam-Sears S11; Glenn Beer F11; Drew Foote S12
A&H Performance Katy Murray F04; Linna Jones F07; Amber Rowe '08; Douglas Boutlinghouse '09; Brittany Gilliam-Sears F10; Brittany Booker S11; Brittany Gilliam-Sears F11; Clint Blasengame S12
BusinessSusan Pruitt F07; Andrew Tate S08; Linna Jones F08-'09; Anastasia Duff F10; Joseph Hayslip S11; JJ Smith F11;
Computer Information SystemsLindsey Hancock F07; Britney Bradshaw S08; Linna Jones F08-'09; Shane Glass '10; Joseph Hayslip S11; JJ Smith F11;
EducationJohn Horn F07; Brooke Burger F08; Susan Pruitt S08, '10; Val Mercer S09; Khristafer Sheffield S11; Bianca Brown S12
Forest ResourcesCoty James F07; Shane Glass '08; Sarah Pasterniak S09; Indra Kriner S11; Ronny Spoon F11; Casey Parr S12
NursingAmber Rowe F07, S08, F09,'10; Brittany Pickett F08; Susan Pruitt S09; Meg Ryan S11; Craig Beckerman F11; Jennifer Lawrence S12
Mathematical & Natural Sciences Michael Ford F04; Todd Kelley F07; Kelly Freeman S08; Brittany Pickett F08-S09; Indra Kriner F10; Shane Glass S11; Julie Crain S12
Social & Behavioral Sciences Bradly Gill F04; Karie Fay F07; Megan Call S08; Chad Newton F08-S09; Nick Johnson F09; Violet Holley F10; Jasmine Bolen S11; Clint Blasengame F11; Ronny Spoon S12
AthleticsMichael Thomas '08-S09; Ashley Lawrence F09; Ronald Fox '10-S11; Amber McCormick S12
Residence Hall Association Ashley Thomas F07; Joy Vallas S08; Candi Marshall F08
Student Affairs Katy Murray F04; Douglas Boultinghouse F07; Carrie Selby-Johnson '08-S09, '10; Susan Pruitt S11-S12
Finance & AdministrationCody James F07; Roshunda Davis S08; Douglas Boultinghouse F08; Candi Marshall S09; Caleb Burger S11-F11
Student GroupsJoel Brown F07; Daniel Kloap S08; Meggan LaMarche F08; Candi Marshall F09; Brittany Booker '10
Religious Erin Anthony F04; Amanda West F07; Ruey Hendrix S08; Candi Marshall '09; Laura Power F10; Aaron Etue S11
GreeksDaniel Kloap F07-S08
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