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Name ___________________________________________ Hometown ______________________
Major? _________________  Minor? ___________________
Home e-mail ________________________
UAM E-Mail ________________________ Cell Number _____________________
Physical Address while attending UAM __________________________________________________
Campus:   Monticello   McGehee   Crossett        What is your status?      First-year      Sophomore      Junior       Senior
Do you live on campus?  Yes  No       Do you have reliable transportation?  Yes  No     

Favorite newspaper ____________________  Favorite radio station ______________________ Favorite TV News ________________

Please circle the following:
EditingWriting (news, commentaryWeb Design Photography  (own digital camera Y-N)
Program Fluency
Microsoft WordWordPressAdobe PhotoshopAdobe InDesign
Microsoft Movie MakerAdobe Acrobat WriteriPhotoiMovie

Please fill in the blanks:

Which job are you applying for? __________________________________________________________________
Are you eligible for work study? Yes  No  Don't Know                 Are you eligible for Federal work study?  Yes  No  Don't Know
Are you eligible for Grants in Aid? Yes  No  Don't Know                 Are you eligible for Federal work study?  Yes  No  Don't Know

What previous experience have you had? __________________________________________________________

Why do you want this position? __________________________________________________________________

What special skills, interest, or knowledge would you bring to this job (other than mentioned before)?


If this position is not available, are you interested in other jobs with student publications?  If so, list in order of preference.


What times will you have available to work? _________________________________________________________
Hours available ______ Monday, Wednesday, Friday   __________ Tuesday, Thursday

What other jobs do you have? ___________________________________________________________________

What CAMPUS organizations do you belong to? _____________________________________________________

Have you had any communication or journalism classes?  If so, specify ____________________________________


Thanks for filling out the application. To finish, sign the following statement and submit the application to Student Publications, c/o Ronald Sitton, adviser, 110 Wells Hall, Monticello, Ark. 71656. You may also copy and paste this into a Word document, save in rich text format (i.e. RTF) and send to Hit the Weevil to return to the Voice.

I realize that people view employees of Student Publications as professionals, and I am willing to act like one.

Signature: _________________________________________  Date: ____________________

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