Wedding and Event Planning, Leadership Development Among Community Education Courses Offered During The Spring Semester

MONTICELLO, AR — A series of classes in leadership development and a one-day workshop on wedding and event planning are among the new community education classes to be offered by the University of Arkansas at Monticello during the spring semester.

            The classes are offered in seven categories — personal and professional development, culinary, special interest, art and hobbies, photography, technology, and special interest. Personal and professional development classes include "First Step to Great Leadership: Creating a Compelling Vision" (January 23), "The Real Leadership Challenge: Getting and Maintaining Peak Performance" (January 30), "How to Outperform and Outlast the Competition" (February 6), and "Success for Students through Leadership Development" (February 9).

            Culinary classes include the basics of Japanese cooking, how to prepare sushi, Japanese steak house dishes, and how to prepare quick and easy meals for those who have little time to cook. Special interest classes include a wedding and event planning workshop, a class on caring for the aging, driver safety for seniors and a home buyers' workshop.

            Arts and hobbies includes three classes in basket weaving as well as classes in painting and jewelry making. Two classes in photography, one exploring the basics of digital photography and a class in digital image processing will be offered. Other classes include iPhone and iPad basics, basic computer skills, and how to stay fit and overcome a sedentary lifestyle.

            A complete list of classes with dates, times, locations and cost is available at

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