AGRO 3503 Cereal Crops

Revised Schedule and Grading

Spring 2004


Due to the low enrollment this year, the teaching of the cereal crops course will be revised.  The format will be an internet-based, self-paced method that allows the student to access the learning materials on-line and via snail mail.  Course contents will be sub-divided into learning units accessible via the internet on my home page (go to:  -  CAMPUS INFORMATION   -  FACULTY AND STAFF HOME PAGES  -  Paul Francis.  Click on AGRO 3503 under the heading ‘Additional Course Links’.  Click on the unit title that you want to work on.  The units will contain notes and links to web sites.  A quiz will be at the end that you can complete and email the answers to: 


Tentative units:

I.          General  principles, part 1.  (Quiz I-1 = 25 pts).

General principles, part 2.  (Quiz I-2 = 25 pts).

General principles, part 3.  (Quizzes I-3, 4, 5 = 50 pts total, these are reviews of

                                                selected research articles).


II.         Corn, part 1.  (Quiz II-1 = 20 pts).

            Corn, part 2.  (Quiz II-2 = 20 pts).

            Corn, part 3.  (Quiz III-3 = 20 pts).


            Grain sorghum, part 1.  (Quiz II-4 = 20 pts).

            Grain sorghum, part 2. (Quiz II-5 = 20 pts).


III.       Rice, part 1.  (Quiz III-1, 20 pts)

            Rice, part 2.  (Quiz III-2, 20 pts)

            Rice, part 3.  (Quiz III-3, 20 pts)

            Rice, part 4.  (Quiz III-4, 20 pts)

            Rice, part 5.  (Quiz III-5, 20 pts)


IV.       Wheat, part 1.  (Quiz IV-1, 20 pts)

            Wheat, part 2.  (Quiz IV-2, 20 pts)

            Wheat, part 3.  (Quiz IV-3, 20 pts)

            Other cool season cereals. (Quiz IV-4, 20 pts)

            Other warm season cereals. (Quiz IV-5, 20 pts).


FINAL EXAM (Comprehensive from the materials and quizzes above):

            Friday, May 7, 1:30 – 3:30 or by appointment. 

This is a mandatory attendance, closed book exam.