Current Coursework

Spring 2014

Introduction to Chemistry- CHEM 1023 Section 02- Course #1076

Science Center Auditorium (A-Wing)

8:10-9:30 TTh

Textbook:  Chemistry (from General, Organic, &Biochemistry) 7th Ed. Denniston, Topping, and Caret

Course Syllabus

HW1    Due Jan 23 at beginning of class    HW1 Key

Quiz 1 Keys Form A and Form B

HW 2    Due February 6 at beginning of class    HW2 Key

Test 1 Key

Version 1    (a theory is answer D on question 1)

Version 2    (a theory is answer A on question 1)

HW 3&4    Due February 25 at beginning of class

HW 3&4 Key

Quiz 2 Keys Form A and Form B

HW 5    Due March 11 at the beginning of class

Quiz 3 Keys Form A and Form B

Test 2 Key

HW 6   Due April 8 at the beginning of class   HW 6 Key

Quiz 4 Key

Test 3 Key

Test 4 Key

Final Grades