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Photo by Bradly Gill

Diane Payne

Bradly Gill
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    Two published authors, one UAM’s own Diane Payne and the other poet and Henderson literary professor Marck Beggs, took the stage of the Harris Recital Hall to deliver a poetry reading that included everything from politics, to wine, to 13th century Chinese poets.

   Emcee Brad Hill first introduced Beggs as the author of several books including the newly published "Libido Café." Beggs then proceeded to delight the crowd with his own brand of cerebral poetry. Beggs’ poems were funny and thought provoking at the same time. In between poems, he would regal the audience with anecdotes and back stories to the poems.
Photo by Bradly Gill

Marck Beggs

   In addition to his own poetry, Beggs broke from the norm and read a few selected works by other poets, all who happened to be faculty at UAM. Sandy Longhorn’s "Self Portrait" was first, followed by Erin O’Neill’s "Mandala." Last but not least, Beggs read Moore’s tribute to the fairer sex, entitled "Small Breasted Women."

   Beggs then displayed his talents as a singer/songwriter with three irreverent folk songs, the best of which was inspired by Sach’s case study on abnormal psyche disorders, "The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat."

   Payne then took the stage and read excerpts from her book "Burning Tulips, "which is available in the UAM bookstore. Payne retold the tale of a childhood friend and then her own adventures as she evangelized to a biker gang in Michigan.

   For those interested in Beggs’ poetry or wishing to buy a copy of his book, the authors Web site is located at His book can be purchased from the gratuitous self promotion link.

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