Dr. Dexter E. Gulledge
University of Arkansas at Monticello


    Western Art Links

Big Horn Art Galleries My favorite place as it features original works by artists such as Frank McCarthy and his son Kevin McCarthy.
Big Horn Print Galleries If you can't afford the originals from the above, try their print gallery.  I do like Howard Terpning.
Gilcrease Museum "Where the Story of the American West Unfolds".  A wonderful experience for a live visit, but unfortunately its web site leaves a lot to be desired.
Phoenix Art Museum Its Western American Collection has nearly 900 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints, that focus on the unique landscape and history of the American West.  Hosts the annual Cowboy Artists of America Sale & Exhibition
Cowboy Artists of America Museum Located in Kerrville, Texas, just a short drive west of San Antonio.  It is a real treat to visit.  Check out the result of the 2007 show award winners.
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Combines western heritage exhibits with a great collection of western art.  Be sure to see James Earle Fraser's "End of the Trail" as well as the "Canyon Princess".
Greenwich Workshop An excellent source of work by contemporary artists.  Although they do have art other than western, I like this site because they are the publishers of work by such artists as Frank McCarthy, Howard Terpning and Bev Doolittle.
B&R Art Gallery Great site, includes portfolios of many modern artists including western artists J. D. Challenger, Bev Doolittle, Steven Lyman, and Howard Terpning.
Etieljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art Appears to be a great place to visit.  The on-line store is quite good, but I do wish the site featured more works of art.
Swoyer's Fine Art This Gallery has one of the finest sites related to the work of Howard Terpning.  I do suggest you check it out for a real treat.