Graduate Faculty Minutes

December 6, 2005

MCB 203

3:30 p.m.



Present: Dr. Robert Moore; Dr. Adam McKee; Dr. Hal Liechty; Mr. Joshua Richardson; Mr. David Ray; Dr. Peggy Doss; Ms. Donna Hunnicutt; Dr. Richard Kluender; Dr. Paul Doruska; Dr. Debbie Bryant; Dr. Ranelle Eubanks; Dr. Philip Tappe; Dr. Kate Stewart; Dr. Max Terrell; Mr. Jeff Longing. Reporter: Ms. Catherine Karnes.


The Graduate Faculty approved the 04-19-05 minutes.


Mr. Ray reviewed Graduate Council actions for the Fall 2005 semester. Actions included:


The Council met four times during the Fall semester:






The Council approved the following members to the Graduate Faculty:

School of Education

Category I

        Dr. Peggy Doss

        Dr. Sue Martin

        Dr. Sue Hoppe


Category III

        Dr. Marla Ramirez

        Ms. Rachel Dudak

        Mr. Jeff Longing

        Ms. Donna Brackin

        Ms. Donna Hunnicutt

        Mr. Austin Carr


School of Forest Resources

Category III

        Dr. David T. Cleland


The Council denied one student appeal.

The Council approved two student appeals.



The Council approved with modifications the following proposals from the School of Education:


  • Modify MAT Program of Study
  • Modify EDUC 5073 to EDUC 5xx6


UAM joined the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools.


The Council continued the development and review of Graduate Council Policies and Operating Procedures.


Mr. Ray updated members on the Graduate School website which is located at the Academic Affairs homepage. Mr. Ray requested Graduate Faculty members to review the website and inform his office of any suggestions, errors or omissions.


Mr. Ray asked if the members had any comments or questions. Hearing none the meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.