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The Career Pathways at UAM College of Technology-McGehee is in its first year of operation. The program is designed to provide support services and direct financial assistance to parents who want to increase their education and employability. The program is supported by the Southern Good Faith Fund, Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges, Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, Arkansas Department of Workforce Education, Arkansas Department of Higher Education, and a grant from the Arkansas Transitional Employment Board. The Career Pathways program of UAM College of Technology-McGehee will serve no less than 125 students each year; not all who qualify can be served due to funding limits.

If you are interested in becoming a Career Pathways student at UAM College of Technology-McGehee please print and fill out the forms below then return them to your local Career Pathways office.

No person is excluded from participation or denied benefits or programs and opportunities on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, handicap, religion, ancestry, or national origin.


Career Pathways participants will have access to:

  • Advising to assist with career and educational decisions
  • Assistance finding jobs while in school and careers upon graduation
  • Extra instruction for building successful academic and employment skills
  • Tutoring
  • Easy access to a computer lab for doing homework and improving computer skills

In addition, some parents may qualify for financial aid to assist with childcare, transportation, tuition, books, and other direct educational expenses.


To be eligible, applicant must meet certain income requirements and have custody of at least one child under the age of twenty-one who is living at home. Other requirements are that the Applicant be a current or former TEA client, receives food stamps or Medicaid or have an income that is at or below the following levels based on family size. (Your IRS Tax return will be required for verification.) To apply come to the Career Pathways Room-113 on the McGehee campus. The Career Pathways office phone number is (870) 222-5360.


Household size
TANF-Eligible Income Eligibility
Standards (250% - 100% FPL)
Low-Income Eligibility
Standards (100% FPL)
2 $40,600 - $16,240 Less than $16,240
3 $51,050 - $20,420 Less than $20,420
4 $61,500 - $24,600 Less than $24,600
5 $71,950 - $28,780 Less than $28,780
6 $82,400 - $32,960 Less than $32,960
7 $92,850 - $37,140 Less than $37,140
8 $103,300 - $41,320 Less than $41,320

UAM College of Technology-McGehee and Career Pathways are proud to announce the new skills that we can now provide for you and local employers.  To help people stay on top of their job skills we are now providing employability skills that can help you earn either a Employability Certificate or an Career Readiness Certificate.

Employability Certificate requirements

Career Readiness Certificate requirements

contact information

Cortez Smith, M.A., CDF / Program Director
Phone 870-460-2102

Justin Carbage, M.S., CDF / Assistant Director
Phone 870-460-2129

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