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ReCognized Student Organizations

Start by joining any of our on campus student organizations and activities. Or if the Thing-You-Want-To-Do isn’t already a Thing-Happening-On-Campus, you have the power (and our permission) to make it happen.


RSO Handbook

The RSO Handbook is your go-to source for policies and procedures related to RSOs - as well as helpful guides and information. 

Dynamic Forms

The following forms will be now located in Dynamic Forms for ease of access: Event or Activity Registration Form and the Request for Academic Facility. Dynamic Forms can be accessed using the above link or the MyUAM link found at the top of the page.


Room Reservation Form

This is an internal form for UAM students, faculty, and staff only. You will be prompted to enter your UAM credentials to access the form. If the initiator is requesting a room reservation for a student organization, it will route to the advisor for approval first, then to the room owner, then to University Reservations.
Recognized Student Organizations seeking to bring food from an off-campus vendor must complete and submit the UAM Food Waiver to the Student Programs and Activities office seven (5) days prior to the event so that it can be submitted and approved by the Aramark Director.