Housing, Meal Plans &
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Log in to WeevilNet. On the Student Services page, click Star Rez Housing. Click Application to apply for on-campus housing. Call or email us if you have questions: 870-460-1045 or reslife@uamont.edu.

Yes. All UAM freshman students (enrolled in 12 hours or more) who are LESS than 21 years of age are required to live on-campus for the academic year. This policy is not applicable to students enrolled full time at the Colleges of Technology at Crossett and McGehee; however, students attending those campuses do qualify and are welcome to reside in University Housing. Exemptions to this residency requirement must be made in writing (Exemption Request Form obtained from the Residence Life Department) and submitted by July 20th for the Fall Semester.

Prices are located on the Rates/Meal Plan Information web page.

A resident’s $100 housing deposit can transfer to the next semester as long as they have a housing reservation. If a student moves out and does not have a housing reservation for the next semester, their deposit will be refunded to their student account. Please remember that a housing deposit may be forfeited for the following reasons:

  1. Cancelling a housing application at any time.
  2. Failing to check out properly at the end of a contract period.

No. There is not a curfew for residents.
Visitation is designated times when a resident may have a guest visit his/her room. Bankston, Horsfall, Maxwell & Royer residents may have visitors:

Sun – Thurs 12:00pm–12:00am
Fri – Sat 12:00pm – 3:00am

University Apartment residents maintain 24 hour visitation policy.

  • Please remember, residents have the right to have guests during visitation hours with the expectations that guest are to respect the rights of the host’s/hostesses roommate or other hall residents.
  • Assigning or allowing the use of an assigned on-campus housing space to another person is prohibited.
  • As a resident in UAMs Residence Halls, you are allowed to have visitors. Each hall (with the exception of Maxwell and the Apartments) requires that you sign your guests in at the front desk. Guests will be required to leave a photo ID with the DA or RA working at the desk. Any guest that does not have appropriate ID will not be allowed past the front lobby.
  • A resident of the building must always escort guests.
  • Guests must abide by UAM policies and must not infringe upon the rights of roommates and other residents. Residents are responsible for informing their guests of UAM policies and will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests. Residents are responsible for all items found in their rooms and for all activities occurring within their rooms while hosting a guest. The residential student is responsible for the behavior of their family member(s).
  • No more than two (2) visitors will be allowed in an individual’s room.
  • Guests are never allowed to be left alone in a resident’s room.
  • Residents should never allow a guest to use his/her keys.

Bankston Hall – All rooms are furnished with two loft beds, two free-standing wardrobes, two study tables, two steel stack chairs, two 3 drawer dressers and two night stands with locking door.
Horsfall Hall - All rooms are furnished with two loft beds, two free-standing wardrobes, two study tables, two steel stack chairs, two 3 drawer dressers and two night stands with locking door.
Maxwell Hall - All rooms are furnished with two loft beds, one free-standing wardrobe, two study tables, two steel stack chairs, two 3 drawer dressers and two night stands with locking door.
Royer Hall - All rooms are furnished with a sink/mirror, two beds, desk space for two, two steel stack chairs, wall shelves for two, built in drawers, closets and extra storage.
University Apartments - Each kitchen includes a refrigerator, oven and range, sink and built-in cabinets. Each bedroom is furnished with a bed, nightstand, three-drawer chest, desk, desk chair and closet with shelves. The living room includes a sectional style couch, tv stand, and coffee table/end table.

Yes! Athletes are not limited to a specific hall.

Yes! You can purchase a USPS PO Box from our local post office on campus located directly behind the UAM Bookstore or online at www.usps.com. Rentals require a driver’s license or state issued ID and a UAM student ID. There are two different rentals available:
6 Months - $31.00
12 Months - $62.00
Post Office Hours are from 10:00am – 12:00pm Monday – Friday.
UPS or FedEx packages can be shipped to the Residence Life Office and picked up by residents. Packages will only be issued to those with a UAM student ID. Please ship packages to the following address:

Student’s Name
C/O Residence Life
350 University Drive
Student Success Center Suite 204
Monticello, AR 71655


No pets of any kind are allowed in the residence halls.

Yes! All residents can pick their residence hall, room, and roommate via the Star Rez housing application.

We have created a great list of must have’s for residential students.

Because of COVID-19, housing deposits for Summer 2020 and Academic Year 2020-2021 will not be required. We hope this decision makes planning for the upcoming semesters easier on our residents.

Each resident hall offers Ethernet and Wifi Connectivity. All use of this service must be consistent with the policies outlined in the Information Technology part of the Student Handbook. Additional information can be located at Information Technology.

The UAM IT department has created several resources that can help students register their game consoles, get connected to WIFI, and log in to their student accounts. For more information call 870-460-1036 or view information for students on the IT website. Residence Hall Connection Policy

Students will take their UAM ID photo during pre-registration events. The UAM student ID will be given out at Orientation in the Fall.

Yes! Residential students are required to have a meal plan. Several options are available. Students can use meal plan declining balance in The Dining Hall, Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks WPS/P.O.D. & at concession stands at most sporting events.

Yes, download the “Campus Dish” Smart Phone App to see what is being offered daily.

Contact the Director of Food Services to discuss any dietary restrictions. 870-460-1076.

Yes. University Apartment residents can choose from the three weekly residential plans but also have a lower priced fourth option to choose from that includes a block of meals to be used throughout the semester and specific declining balance amount.

Rental Policy for Returning University Apartment Residents: Eligibility to reserve a University Apartment for 12 months requires year-round rental payment. A student choosing not to pay rent for both the Summer I and Summer II terms, must vacate his/her assigned apartment, forfeits the right to retain a University Apartment for the upcoming fall semester. The student may choose to be placed on the University Apartments' waiting list for future terms.

Yes. Commuter meal plans are available. We strongly encourage all commuter students to purchase a meal plan.

Meals/week must be used in the week they are assigned and cannot be carried over to the next week. Meals/semester can be used at any time during the semester. However, Declining Balance will roll to the next semester for students who are consecutively enrolled in Fall, Spring, and Summer. All unused DB will be forfeited on the last day of Summer II or the last date of consecutive students’ enrollment for this academic year.

Declining Balance is included in most meal plans and can be used like a debit card at Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks WPS/P.O.D., the Dining Hall, and at concession stands at most sporting events.