Alternative Text Formats

Taped Text

Students who have difficulty with printed materials may receive textbooks in an alternative format such as audio through Learning Ally.

Arrangements for alternative text accommodations must be made through the Office of Student Special Services as early as possible. Eligibility for this service is determined on an individual basis. Students must be able to demonstrate a substantial visual or learning impairment which requires supplemental materials such as recorded texts.

To assure textbook availability, all relevant textbook information (title, author, publisher, edition number, publication date, and the ISBN number) must be forwarded to the Office of Student Special Services as soon as possible. This textbook information may be obtained by contacting the instructor of each course directly or by contacting the University of Arkansas-Monticello Bookstore. If you require assistance in obtaining this information you may contact the Office of Student Special Services.

Generally, six to eight weeks notice is required to obtain alternative format textbooks. The Office of Student Special Services will make every attempt to provide materials as promptly as possible. However, late requests will result in a delay in providing materials.

For additional information, contact:
Mary Whiting
(870) 460-1226
TTY: (870) 460-1626
Fax (870) 460-1926
Office of Student Special Services
P.O. Box 3600
Monticello, AR 71656

You may also contact Learning Ally's Customer Service Department at (800) 221-4792.