Exam Forms & Procedures

Get Your Accommodations Approved.

Students must complete an accommodation request, provide required documentation, and discuss the appropriate accommodation(s) with the Office of Student Special Services.

The Office of Student Special Services generates an academic accommodation letter appropriate to his or her instructor(s) explaining the need for reasonable and approved accommodations.

When exams or quizzes are to be administered by the Office of Student Special Services, the student must contact the Office of Student Special Services in order to schedule the test. Exams must be taken during the regular class time unless an alternate time is approved by the instructor.

Exams should be scheduled at least one week in advance, but no less than one day ahead, in order to ensure adequate accommodations. Exams may be delivered in a sealed envelope by the professor/instructor or a department designee (such as a student assistant).

The Office of Student Special Services secures all exams upon receipt. Exams will be returned to the instructor in a sealed envelope.

Special Student Services Confidentiality and Disclosure Statement

Federal law protects a student's right to privacy. All information and records that
students, parents/guardians, and other offices submit to the Office of Special Student
Services are treated as confidential. No information will be released about a specific
student's disability unless the student expressly gives his/her written permission to do so.
This information is maintained in locked, confidential files located in the Office of
Special Student Services and is not included in the student's permanent university record.
This strict confidentiality applies in all situations except a situation in which you are
assessed to be a danger to yourself and/or others, your records are subpoenaed, or
reporting (e.g., abuse or neglect of a minor) was required by law. Even in these cases, you
would be informed if possible, and no more information than necessary would be released.

Keep the confidentiality statement for your record.

Student Special Services Registration Form

This form must be delivered to this office along with documentation of listed disabilities.