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John Hunt

Assistant Professor


Phone: +1 8704601466

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My job as a biology instructor is to try to convey the beauty and complexity of life to my students.  Because biology is exciting and fascinating to most people, all I have to do is keep from turning it into a boring recitation of facts and terms.  I try as hard as I can not to squeeze the life out of the science.  To see a list of the classes I teach, click the button below.

I am a vertebrate zoologist.  My research interests include conservation and ecology of lesser prairie-chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) and other gallinaceous birds of the desert southwest, and ecology and distribution of bats, rodents, and other small mammals.  Most of my current research is conducted with students.  To find out more about my past and current research, click the button below.  My training includes extensive fieldwork in Arkansas, Alabama, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico, and I strive to use these experiences to enrich my teaching.

I am a Pre-Med Advisor for the UAM School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences.  Click the button below for further information.  I advise students pursuing a degree in Biology, Organismal Biology, Natural Science, or a double major in Biology and Biochemistry.  I also advise students who wish to obtain a Biology degree before applying to pharmacy school, dental school, or veterinary school.  If you would like to read about the success of our Math & Science programs, click the "Points of Pride" button below.  I am the UAM Faculty Representative for the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program.  If you would like to learn more about this scholarship opportunity, visit their website, or contact me by e-mail or phone.