Student Organizations

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Campus Life

Organization Advisor Office Extension Email Address
Alpha Chi Dr. Kate Stewart 870-460-1878
Alpha Phi Alpha Kimberly Johnson 870-460-1062
Alpha Psi Gamma Dr. Kent Skinner 870-460-1288
Alpha Phi Sigma Jennifer Miller 870-460-1710
Alpha Sigma Alpha Lisa Jo Ross 870-460-1127
Ambassadors Mary Whiting 870-460-1226
ASPS Club Tom Jacobs 870-460-1694
Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) Jeremy Woodall 870-224-1396
Bass Club Dalton Weatherly 870-460-1552
Bee Keeping Association Paul Francis/Jessie Chappel 870-460-1314
Biology Club Dr. John Hunt 870-460-1466
Chi Alpha Ryan Doherty 870-224-1083
Chi Iota Sigma Lynn Harris
Karen-Elise Donham
Collegiate Farm Bureau Dr. Robert Stark 870-460-1414
Creative Arts Society Sarah Bloom 870-460-1678
Debate Society Jim Evans 870-460-1589
Delta Sigma Theta Dr. Suzzette Goldmon 870-460-1428
Delta Zeta Epsilon Isabel Bacon 870-460-1638
Finance Club Greg Hatley 870-460-1441
Foreign Language Club Isabel Bacon 870-460-1638
Forestry Club Matthew Olson 870-460-1790
French Club Dr. Lesly Jean-Francois 870-460-1889
GSA Sarah Bloom 870-460-1678
Greek Council Brittney Smith 870-460-1396
Helping Young People Evolve (H.Y.P.E) Roberta Thomas 870-460-1453
Institute of Management Accountants Becky Phillips 870-460-1111
Inter-fraternity Council Brittney Smith 870-460-1396
International Club Mary Whiting 870-460-1226
Japanese Club Yukiko Bivens 870-308-3996
Kappa Alpha Order Walter Everett 870-460-1647
Kappa Alpha Psi Shellye Byrd 870-460-1658
Kappa Delta Pi      
Kappa Kappa Psi Donald Marchand 870-460-1960>
Knights Dr. Andrew Williams 870-460-1465
Law and Justice Society Dr. John Davis 870-460-1189
Medical Sciences Club Glenn Manning 870-460-1166
Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship Rob Leonard 870-723-5530
National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) Brittney Smith 870-460-1396
National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) Brittney Smith 870-460-1396
Omega Psi Phi Whitney Litzsey 870-460-1526
PE & Exercise Majors Club Dr. Suzanna Guizar 870-460-1262
Phi Alpha Dana Williams 870-460-1287
Phi Beta Sigma Anita Shaw 870-460-1569
Phi Lambda Chi Dr. Richard Clubb 870-460-1587
Phi Alpha Theta John Henris 870-460-1163
Pi Kappa Delta Jim Evans 870-460-1589
Pi Sigma Alpha Carol Strong 870-460-1687
Pre-Vet Rocky Lindsey 870-460-1091
Psi Chi Honor Seungyeon Lee 870-460-1587
Psychology Club Eric Prichard
Dr. Jeanette Walters
Residence Hall Association (RHA) Meagan Oliver 870-460-1739
Rodeo Club Rusty Jones 870-460-1994
SFNR Graduate Student Association Robert Ficklin 870-460-1692
Sigma Theta Tau Heidi Hogue 870-460-1369
Sigma Sigma Sigma Kimberly Wilkerson 870-460-1661
Sigma Tau Delta Craig Olsen 870-460-1379
Sigma Tau Gamma Memory Frazer 870-820-1024
Sigma Zeta Math & Science Honor Dr. Andrew Williams
Lura Sandlin
Susan Hatfield

Student Activities Board Brittney Smith 870-460-1396
Student Athletic Advisory Committee Becky Phillips 870-460-1111
Student Government Association Dr. John Davis 870-460-1189
Student Nurses Association Christine Felts 870-460-1168
Student Social Work Association Marie Jenkins 870-460-1187
Student Veteran's Association Carol Strong 870-460-1687
Theatre Club Dr. Kay Walter 870-460-1578
UAM College Republicans Dr. John Davis 870-460-1189
UAM Collegiate Cattlemen’s Association Greg Montgomery 870-460-1714
UAM Young Democrats Dr. Adam Key 870-460-1489
Weevils for Christ Amanda Tolbert 870-723-1591
Wesley Foundation Dr. Andrew Williams 870-460-1465
Wildlife Society Dr. Douglas Osborne 870-460-1448
Women of Natural Resources Kenny Wallen 870-460-1732
Xi Sigma Pi Dr. Robert Ficklin 870-460-1692
Zeta Phi Beta DesaRay Rojas 870-460-1286