Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Please check the UAM home page for campus wide announcements and the Inclement
Weather Policy. Local radio or television stations will also be notified of any closings.

If the campus is closed, the Testing Center is also closed.

If you are registered for a national test (for example: ACT, SAT, or Praxis), you may call the
national testing company for updates regarding which test centers are open or closed. Look
on your admission ticket for the testing company’s website for contact information.
Safety comes first. Please don’t endanger yourself by driving in unsafe conditions, even if
the campus is open.

If the weather is less than perfect but the campus is open, we will attempt to administer all
scheduled tests. Again, please remember that the safety of both students and staff is far
more important than any test administration. We reserve the right to cancel test
administrations if road conditions are too dangerous for staff members to report to the

If you are registered for a national test (such as ACT, SAT, or Praxis) that is cancelled, the
national test company will decide if a makeup date will be offered.