Intramurals & Recreation FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intramurals?

Intramurals (IMs) is an organized program that allows all current UAM students*, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and special events which foster
personal, educational, ethical and physical development. Competition is offered in men’s, women’s and co-rec divisions. *Some restrictions apply to current and former intercollegiate team members.

How do I get involved?

Participation is completely voluntary. Sign-up online in imLeagues. Registering is quick and easy. Click on the imLeagues link in the left bar menu to set-up your imLeagues account. Note
that you must use your UAM email address. Check registration deadlines for each sport and enter a team, join a team or sign-up as a free agent before registration closes.**
The semester schedule of IM sports and activities are listed on the on the webpage, in imLeagues, on the UamIntramurals facebook page, and sent to students weekly via campus

**Some sports require attendance of a team manager, captain or coach at a manager’s meeting prior to a team’s participation in that sport. Manager’s meetings are listed in the IM semester schedule.

What if I don’t have a team?

If you do not know enough people to make up your own team, sign-up in imLeagues as a free agent. Teams will be able to pick you up and add you to their roster.

What is Co-Rec?

Co-Rec stands for Co-Recreational, meaning males and females playing together on the same team. Special rules encourage more equal participation. Co-Rec events include basketball, table tennis, volleyball, mud Olympics and softball.

Does it cost to participate?

No! All IM activities are provided at no cost to all currently enrolled UAM students or UAM faculty and staff. Should you choose to protest a contest, a $10.00 protest fee (refundable if
protest is upheld) is required.

What do I need to play?

Besides the desire to have fun, play hard and exhibit good sportsmanship, appropriate athletic shoes and apparel must be worn. Equipment is provided for all IM activities. Most equipment is also available for check-out from the UC Rec ID Desk for practice.

How many games do I play?

Depending on the number of entries, teams usually play three pre-season games followed by a single elimination tournament, while individual and dual sports are usually scheduled as single or double elimination tournaments. Teams and individual participants must maintain a “B” average in sportsmanship to advance regardless of their win/loss record.

Who May Use UAM Rec Facilities?

Eligible Users

  • Currently enrolled UAM students, current faculty & staff and professors emeritus.
  • Spouse and dependent family members  aged 16 and older of current faculty & staff and professors emeritus. Exception: No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the free weight room.
  • Dependent family members aged 5 - 15 of current faculty & staff and professors emeritus must be accompanied by parent at all times. No other children are permitted in the UC Rec Areas.

Use Fees?

Use of the UC Rec facilities are free to current UAM students, faculty & staff, and professors emeritus. Spouse and dependent family members of faculty & staff and professors emeritus also may use the UC Rec facilities free of charge.

ID Cards?

Current UAM ID card must be presented to use facilities. Student ID cards must be validated at the beginning of each semester. Faculty & Staff without a UAM ID must go to the Office of Residence Life to have their ID picture taken and their UAM faculty/staff ID printed. 

Spouse and dependent family members of current faculty & staff and professors emeritus aged 16 and older may obtain a UAM ID card by following these steps.

  1. Complete a Dependent Verification Form in the UAM Personnel office. Upon authorization, an identification number will be entered into the data base system.
  2. Proceed to the office of Residence Life. ID picture will be taken and ID printed.
  3. Current UAM ID card is to be presented each time the individual enters any UAM Recreation Area.