Automotive Service Technology

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Cars, like people, are "living" longer these days and requiring more service.  Built-in computers, sophisticated electronics, and complex pollution control devices add to the need for more and better trained automotive technicians. If you are mechanically inclined and like to solve problems, automotive mechanics may be a good field for you.  This program leads to jobs - and good pay.  

We have two options in the Automotive Department:

Our Automotive Service Technology graduates get good jobs as technicians for auto dealers, independent garages and large fleet owners.  They also go to work for specialty repair shops, working exclusively on engines, electrical systems, transmissions or other parts.  Some enter sales work for auto parts retailers or wholesalers, and some go into business for themselves. The ability to diagnose trouble accurately is the key to success in this field - and our Automotive Service Technology program is designed to give you that skill through plenty of hands-on practice.  

In Arkansas, entry-level automotive technology graduates have an earning potential of $12.00 to $18.00 per hour.

 Technical Certificate

Dept Course
Course Title Credit
AUTO 1214 Engine Repair 4
AUTO 1227 Electrical/Electronic Systems 7
AUTO 1264 Brakes 4
AUTO 1134 Suspension and Steering 4
AUTO 1237 Engine Performance 7
AUTO 1244 Transmissions and Transaxles 4
AUTO 1273 Manual Drive Train & Axles 3
AUTO 1253 Automotive Climate Control 3
AUTO 1403 Internship (Optional) 3
COM 1203 Technical Communication or
higher-level composition course**
CFA 1103 Tech Computer Fundamentals or higher level computer course 3
MAT 1203 Technical Mathematics or
higher-level mathematics course**
     Total Hours for Technical Certificate: 45

AUTO 1403 Internship. Students must have a job in the automotive industry, be in the last semester of the Automotive Service Program, and have the approval of the Director of Instruction to enroll in this course.

**This course may be scheduled during any semester or summer term and must be completed before a technical certificate can be awarded.

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