Industrial Equipment Repair

Upon satisfactory completion of the first semester of the Electromechanical Technology program, students will earn a certificate of proficiency in Industrial Equipment Repair. This certificate of proficiency acknowledges that the student has developed basic competencies in industrial electricity and mechanics for limited entry-level maintenance jobs (usually outside of the industrial setting unless the student has multiple years of maintenance work experience).

After successfully obtaining the Industrial Equipment Repair Certificate of Proficiency, students are able to continue their study and earn a Technical Certificate in Electromechanical Technology, which will help them hone the skills necessary to compete for entry-level maintenance jobs in a variety of workplace settings.

After receiving the Technical Certificate, students may continue their studies by enrolling in the second year program, Electromechanical Technology-Instrumentation, which leads to an advanced technical certificate. With the successful completion of three to five additional courses beyond the advanced technical certificate, a student can earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Industrial Technology.

Graduation Requirements (Suggested Schedule)

Dept Course
Course Title Credit Hours
   Fall Semester  
MAT 2213 Advanced Industrial Mathematics 2
ELM 1064 Industrial Electricity 4
ELM 1074 Industrial Mechanics 4
ELM 1033 Industrial Diagrams 3
ELM 1012 Maintenance Welding 2
    EXIT:  Certificate of Proficiency - Industrial Equipment Repair 16

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