Hospitality Skills

Hospitality Skills is a one-semester Certificate of Proficiency program that
provides students with the basic knowledge needed for entry-level
employment in food-service and lodging businesses.  Upon successful completion of the HOSP 1023 Safety and Sanitation course, students will be prepared to earn ServSafeTM national certification. 

Students completing the Hospitality Skills certificate may continue  on and apply their earned credit toward a certificate or degree as follows:

Graduation Requirements (Suggested Schedule)

Dept Course
Course Title Credit Hours
   Fall Semester  
HOSP 1023 Safety and Sanitation 3
HOSP 1033 Hospitality Customer Service Relations 3
HOSP 1013 Hospitality, Travel & Tourism 3
HOSP 1093 Culinary Fundamentals 3
BUS 2003 Tech Business English OR Higher-level composition course 3
CFA 1103 Tech Computer Fundamentals OR Higher-level computer course 3
    EXIT: Certificate of Proficiency - Hospitality Skills 18