Childhood Development Associate

The Child Development Associate (CDA) training program provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills necessary to complete the Assessment and Competency Standards for the Child Development Associate credential, which is awarded through the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition. This certification is mandatory in many childcare facilities and educational settings, especially those receiving state and/or federal funding. The required certification has enhanced the quality of childcare services being provided.

The CDA requires twelve (12) credit hours of college courses that lead to a Certificate of Proficiency and provides eligibility to apply for national certification from the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition in Washington, D. C.  Semester credit hours earned for the CDA may be applied toward a Technical Certificate in Early Childhood Education which can lead to an Associate of Applied Science Degree in General Technology

Graduation Requirements (Suggested Schedule)

Dept Course
Course Title Credit Hours
ECED 1053 Environments in Early Childhood 3
ECED 1063 Foundations of Early Childhood Education 3
ECED 1043 Development and Curriculum in Early Childhood 3
ECED 1071 Introduction to Practicum 1
ECED 1082 Practicum 2
    EXIT: Certificate of Proficiency - Child Development Associate 12

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