Administrative Office Technology

The Administrative Office Technology program provides contemporary training required in today’s business office in computer applications, word processing, accounting, administrative support procedures, and communication.  Students receive computer training in the utilization of Windows, database management, spreadsheet applications, desktop publishing, and word processing.  English, communication and mathematics courses developed specifically for business are also integral parts of the program.  Upon completion of the necessary courses, students will be eligible to enroll in a required practicum course which will allow them to apply their acquired skills in a business environment.

We offer three levels of certification in the Administrative Office Technology

Student Learning Outcomes:

Successful completers of this program will be able to:

  • demonstrate abilities to produce appropriate business documents such as letters, forms, tables, graphs, financial documents, and other materials inherent in office technology using appropriate software.
  • demonstrate the ability to rapidly and appropriately respond to multiple requests within a contemporary office environment.
  • demonstrate the integration of theory, lab, and field content necessary to obtain employment in entry-level business offices.

Graduation Requirements (Suggested Schedule)

Dept Course
Course Title Credit Hours
   Fall Semester  
BUS 1123 Tech Accounting 3
BUS 1203 Tech Keyboarding 3
BUS 2143 Tech Business Mathematics 3
BUS 2003 Tech Business English 3
BUS 1303 Tech Computer Applications for Business 3
    EXIT: Certificate of Proficiency - Office Support 15
   Spring Semester
BUS 1213 Tech Keyboarding Applications 3
BUS 1563 Tech Administrative Support Procedures 3
BUS 2013 Tech Business Communications 3
BUS 2153 Tech Computerized Accounting 3
BUS 1603 Tech Vocabulary Development 3
   Summer I Term
BUS 2163 Tech Spreadsheet Applications 3
BUS 2623 Tech Business Practicum 3
    EXIT: Technical Certificate - Administrative Office Technology 36