Welcome to the University Tutoring Center & Commuter Study Lounge at U.A.M.!

Tutoring Center
We are conveniently located on the second floor of Harris Hall.

  • Drop-In Centers provide immediate, short-term tutoring.
  • Appointments are not needed, students just "drop in" during the tutor's designated session.
  • Please call 460-1454 for the list of tutoring services currently available.
  • Students taking online classes may call 460-1454 and we will transfer you to the tutoring center to speak to a tutor.

Schedules are posted in the hallway near the U.A.M. Tutoring Center & Commuter Lounge.  Tutor availability can change, so students should call ahead.  The administrative and support staff will be here during regular hours to answer questions concerning tutoring.

Commuter Study Lounge

The Commuter Study Lounge located in Harris Hall is a great place for commuter students to spend time between classes or any other time they need a break while on campus.  The lounge is a quiet area for studying or to escape from the hustle of the college day.  The lounge features two computers, a table to finish an assignment or have lunch, a microwave, refrigerator and is conveniently located across the hall from the tutoring center.

Please check out the Commuter Connections Calendar featuring events, programs and happenings at U.A.M.  Locate other interested carpoolers by posting your name, city, and U.A.M. email address on the Commuter Connections Ride Share Bulletin Board also located in the Commuter Study Lounge and start making the connections.

Free coffee is available during the day.

Testing Services
Student Success Center 2nd floor, suite 201

  • Our tutors are currently enrolled undergraduate students who arrange their tutoring schedules around their class schedules. 
  • We make every effort to develop a tutoring schedule that provides as many available hours as possible for as many courses as possible.
  • Because we are a walk-in service, students may, from time to time, have to wait for an available tutor.  We encourage students to plan ahead and to check the schedule to avoid situations in which there is no tutor available.

Please call 460-1454 for the list of tutoring services currently available.

Roberta Thomas

Testing Center Director/Career Advisor
Student Success Center 2nd floor, suite 201
870-460-1403 (fax)
Email: thomasr@uamont.edu