The University of Arkansas-Monticello offers courses that provide a basic education in biology, chemistry, animal science and the humanities needed for acceptance into vet school. Arkansas currently does not have a vet school; however, schools in bordering states reserve a small number of seats for Arkansas residents. Veterinary medicine is a rewarding career that allows you to push yourself intellectually while giving of yourself to your fellow man and your community. Acceptance to vet school is based on a history of academic excellence during your undergraduate career, a high score on the GRE, extra-curricular activity and shadowing, and service to your community.

You can apply to vet school with any major, provided that you take the minimum required courses for the school to which you are applying. It is highly recommended that you visit the websites of the schools for which you are interested to see their specific minimum requirements. See links listed below. You may wish to speak with the Biology/Pre-Vet advisor, Dr. John Hunt (

Many students major in biology and take additional chemistry and animal science courses. Introduction to Psychology is one of the recommended Social Sciences, since it is the pre-requisite for the Psychology Stats course. Psychology Statistics is acceptable as the required statistics course at many vet schools.

The requirements list and 8-semester plan is shown below.

Biology (Pre-Vet) Requirements List 

Biology (Pre-Vet) 8 Semester Plan

The School of Math and Sciences also recommends the Biology/Biochemistry double major, with additional courses in Animal Science from the School of Agriculture. Students with this background have an exceptionally high acceptance rate into professional programs.

Some students major in an agriculture field, such as animal science, and take the required science courses as electives. If interested in this career path, you may wish to speak with the Agriculture/Pre-Vet advisor, Dr. Rocky Lindsey (

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