Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

The unique programs of the School of Forestry & Natural Resources provide outstanding opportunities for transfer students to continue their education and pursue a professional degree. The School of Forestry & Natural Resources is home to:

• The only Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management in Arkansas

• The only Bachelor of Science degree in Land Surveying in Arkansas

• The only accredited forestry program in Arkansas (accredited by the Society of American Foresters since 1984)

• The only communications in natural resources program in Arkansas

• The only Master of Science degree in Forest Resources in Arkansas

Because the first two years of each program emphasizes a general education in the sciences and humanities, it is relatively easy to transfer into these programs from Community College programs without loss of credits or an extended program at UA - Monticello. For example, prospective transfer students who concentrate their lower division work in the Arkansas Core Curriculum should have no problems transferring after two years if they also choose their electives carefully to match the supportive requirements of the program into which they desire to transfer.