Information Technology Staff

Anissa Ross
Chief Information Officer
Office: Wells Hall B03 Phone: 870-460-1036

DesaRay Rojas
Administrative Specialist III
Office: Wells Hall B02 Phone: 870-460-1286

Cindy Adair
Director of Systems Software
Office: Sorrells Hall 208 Phone: 870-460-1821

Landon Adams
Network Support Analyst
Office: Wells Hall B18 Phone: 870-460-1873

Julie Barnes
Director of End User Support
Office: Wells Hall 108 Phone: 870-460-1720

Lisa Cater
Director of Institutional Research
Office: Student Success Center 207A  Phone: 870-460-1420

John Chambless
Computer Support Technician
Office: Wells Hall 108 Phone: 870-460-1736

Bryan Daugherty
Director of Network Services
Office: Wells Hall B17 Phone: 870-460-1636

Candis Fendley
Systems/Software Administrator
Office: Sorrells Hall 208 Phone: 870-460-1037

Treshai Hudspeth
Security Analyst
Office: Wells Hall B19 Phone: 870-460-1520

Michael Mixon
Assistant Director Info Tech Systems Management
Office: Wells Hall B06 Phone: 870-460-1236

Don R. Williams
Information Technology Manager
Office: Wells Hall 108 Phone: 870-460-1536

Instructional Technology and Web Services Staff

Bryan Fendley
Director of Instructional Technology and Web Services
Office: Student Success Center 207B  Phone: 870-460-1663

Naomi Freeman
Web Support Specialist
Office: Library/Tech Center 213 Phone: 870-460-1620

Robyn Weatherspoon-Cole
Instructional Technology Specialist
Office: Wells Hall B20 Phone: 870-460-1663