UA System Board of Trustees Policies

UA Systemwide Policies and Procedures

Operating Procedures

On-line publication of the Operating Procedures for the University.



200.1 Operating Procedures System

205.1 Executive Council

210.1 Office Hours

215.1 Inclement Weather and Emergency Situations

220.1 Affirmative Action Hiring Procedures

225.1 Prospectus Approval & Cost Reimbursement

225.2 Indirect Cost from Grants

230.1 Grant and Subgrant Reporting

235.1 In-State Reclassification

240.1 Request for Information Under Freedom of Information Act

245.1 Use of Tobacco Products in Campus Facilities

245.2 Designation of UAM as a Smoke-Free Campus

250.1 Maintaining Security of the UAM Computing Facilities

250.2 Distance Education Policies

250.3 Computer Usage Policy

250.4 Web Page Policy

250.5 Tablet PC Devices

250.6 IT Information Security

250.7 IT Website Standards and Accessibility

250.8 Acceptable University E-mail Policy

260.1 The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act

260.2 Clery Act

260.3 Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act

270.1 Guidelines and Procedures for the Use of Weevil Pond

270.2 Official Functions Policy

275.1 Title IX Compliance

276.1 Sex Offender Notification Regarding the Campus Community; Rsidential Restrictions for Registered Sex Offenders

280.1 Policy on Students and Employees with Communicable Diseases

285.1 Extending Sympathy with Memorials to UAM Family Members

290.1 Volunteer Service

295.1 Children/Dependents in the Workplace

296.1 Non-retaliation

297.1 Protection of Minors


301.1 Cash Management

301.4 Electronic Funds Transfers

305.1 Time Records

310.1 Inventory Records of Equipment

315.1 Faculty and Staff Housing

320.1 Telephone

325.1 Operating Budget

330.1 Workers' compensation

335.1 Operating and Use of University Vehicles

340.1 Travel Fund Advancements

340.2 Processing Travel Requests and Reimbursements

340.3 Travel Expenses

340.4 Travel Between UAM Locations

345.1 General Travel Regulations

345.2 Travel, Lodging and Airfare Expenses

345.3 Utilization of Cellular Telephones

350.1 Purchasing Procedures

355.1 Concurrent Employment

360.1 Cash/Check Receipts and Authorized Cash/Check Collection Sites

360.2 Tuition and Fee Receipts

360.3 Billing Outside Agencies

360.4 Agency Accounts

370.1 Claims Against the University


404.1 Policy on Recruitment, Screening, Selection and Hiring of Non-Classified Professional Employees

404.5 Moving expenses for newly hired Employees

405.2 Terminal Vacation Pay

405.3 Accepting Leave for Non-Classified Employees

405.4 Holiday Comp Time

407.1 Direct Deposit Policy

410.1 Resignations

410.2 Termination Clearance Form

410.3 Personnel Action Form (PAF) Appointments, Terminations, Changes in Status

410.4 Policy for Hiring Residence Hall Directors

410.5 Extra Compensation Policy

410.6 Teaching Overload Compensation

415.1 Appointment of Academic Unit Heads/Academic Administrators

415.2 Salary Adjustment for Faculty Promotion

420.1 Teaching Load for Faculty

420.2 Teaching Load for Academic Unit Heads

420.3 Number of Class Days and Minimum Enrollment Standards

425.1 Staff/Faculty Enrollment in University Courses

425.2 Faculty Development Assignment Policy

430.1 Library Materials Checked Out to Faculty and Professional Staff

435.1 Employment of Part-Time Faculty

440.1 Compensation for Teaching Compressed Interactive Video (CIV) Distance Education Classes

440.2 Compensation for Teaching Web-base, Online, Classes

440.3 Compensation for Teaching Summer Term(s)

450.1 Disciplinary Policy: Classified and Non-Classified Employees

455.1 Conflict of Interest


500.1 Provisional Admission of Students

500.2 Drops for Not Finalizing Registration

505.1 Family and Single Student Housing Policy on Pets

510.1 Grants-in-Aid

510.2 Scholarship for Fifth-year Athletes

510.3 Fifth Year Institutional Scholarship

515.1 Satisfactory Academic Progress

515.2 Exception to Satisfaction Academic Progress for Incoming Freshmen

520.1 Student Employment

520.2 Student Worker Time Records

520.3 Tuition for Off-Campus Classes

520.5 Graduate Assistantships

520.7 Out of State fee for Scholarship Recipients and Residents of Contiguous States

520.9 Tuition Waiver - Certified Law Enforcement Officers

525.1 Student Grievance Procedure for Non-Academic Matters

525.2 ADA Student Grievance Procedure

530.1 Student Accident Report

535.1 Off-Campus Travel of Students Representing the University

540.1 Off-Campus Guests Coming to Campus Activities

545.1 Restricting/Releasing Student Education Records

545.2 Notification of Student Rights Under FERPA and Public Notice of Directory Information

550.1 Special Recognition at University Commencement

555.1 Posthumous Award of Degree

560.1 Student Health Services


620.2 Annual Review Policy Guidelines

650.1 Continuing Education


710.1 Use of University Facilities

710.2 Food Service in University Facilities

710.3 Facility Reservation and Use by Student Organizations

710.4 University Center Reservation and Use

715.1 Off-Campus Guests Reserving Campus Facilities

720.1 Energy Conservation Policy

725.1 Building Coordinators

728.1 Equipment Moves and Set-ups Utilizing Physical Plant

730.1 Use of Facilities Designated to Student Organizations or Leased to Outside

730.2 Insurance and Financial Reporting Requirements for Special Camps and
Activities on University Property

735.1 Naming Buildings/Subunits

740.1 Banner/Signage installation on Campus owned/controlled property

745.1 Harvesting of Timber

750.1 Lost and Found Items


800.2 Procedure for Requesting and Returning Keys

810.1 Maintenance of Facilities and Grounds


900.1 Publications and Brochures

905.1 Distribution of Complimentary Passes to University Activities

910.1 Use of Alumni Records

915.1 Solicitation of Funds for the University

920.1 Payment for services from UAM Foundation

925.1 Tailgating Activities

930.1 Gift Acceptance


1000.1 Athletic Grants-in-Aid

1005.1 Athletic Contest Guarantees