For general questions about financial aid, please e-mail your question to  If you need help in a specific area, please see below.

Becky Hammett
Director of Financial Aid

Quinton Morgan
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Counseling/Pell Grant Program/Packaging and Disbursing Aid/Policies and Procedures

Tyler Harrison
Scholarship Coordinator
State/Institutional/Foundation/Grants-In-Aid/Private/NCAA Athletes

Beth Richard
UAM Students: Last Name A-E
Financial Aid Analyst
Counseling/VA Certifying Official/Withdrawals/Course Drops/AmeriCorps/ETV /Return of Title IV Funds

Samantha Hogg
UAM Students: Last Name F-K
Financial Aid Analyst
Counseling/Stafford Loan Program and Private Loan Processing/Entrance Counseling/MPN/Summer Aid Packaging

Kimberly Johnson
UAM Students: Last Name L-R
Financial Aid Analyst
Counseling/FAFSA Processing/Verification of Aid Applications

Cristina Navarrete
UAM Students: Last Name S-Z
Financial Aid Analyst
Counseling/Default Prevention/Stafford Loan Program and Private Loan Processing/Exit Counseling

Trinita Newton
eVeristy Students: Last Name A-Z
Financial Aid Analyst – eVersity
eVersity/Counseling /Verification/Award Processing

Anne Woodard
Administrative Specialist
Front Desk/Work-Study Program