Various support services are provided for qualifying students with disabilities free of charge to the student. However, as a recipient of services you are required to:

  1. Contact Special Student Services to request accommodations.
  2. Submit documentation of disability.
  3. Complete and sign authorization forms.
  4. Obtain identification card from office of Special Student Services, which includes approved accommodations.

If using a NOTE TAKER, you must:

  1. Attend all classes unless illness or an emergency prevents you from
  2. If you miss more than three class periods without making arrangements with Special Student Services your note-taker will be suspended.
  3. If you have problems with a note taker, notify Special Student Services immediately so that a new note taker can be located.


  1. Provide Special Student Services with a list of classes you plan to take and/or a list of the required texts for these courses as early as possible in the preceding semester so that it can be determined if your textbooks are available in an alternative format.
  2. If a textbook is not available from Learning Ally, Special Student Services will record the text for you.
  3. In the event books must be recorded or scanned by Special Student Services, please supply this office with a class syllabus immediately.
  4. Until recorded text arrive, you may have a reader from Special Student Services.
  5. Notify Special Student Services of any problem.


  1. Notify Special Student Services a minimum of seven (7) days in advance of the exam.
  2. Arrange with your instructor to leave the exam in the Special Student Services Office.
  3. REMEMBER-you may be allowed additional time to complete the exam. If you find that you generally need more time please notify your instructor so that arrangements may be made.
  4. Readers/Scribes/Proctors cannot re-phrase or explain test questions without prior written approval from the course instructor.
  5. Bring all items necessary for the exam (pen, pencil, scantron, blue book, calculator).