8 Semester Plans listed by Schools

College of Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Forestry Option
Wildlife Management and Conservation Option
Geospatial Science Option
Communications in Natural Resources Option
Environmental Science Option
Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying
Associate of Science in Land Surveying Technology

Agriculture Business
Animal Science
Plant and Soil Science
General Agriculture

School of Arts and Humanities

Art Major - 8SP
Communication Major - 8SP
English Major w/a Concentration in Creative Writing & Literature - 8SP
Modern Languages Major  - 8SP

School of Business

General Business

School of Computer Information Systems

8 Semester Program of Study

School of Education

K-6 Elementary Education
Middle Childhood Education Language Arts/Math Emphasis
Middle Childhood Education Language Arts/Science Emphasis
Middle Childhood Education Language Arts/Social Studies Emphasis
Middle Childhood Education Math/Science Emphasis
Middle Childhood Education Math/Social Studies Emphasis
Middle Childhood Education Social Studies/Science Emphasis
Physical Education Non-Licensure BS
Physical Education Non-Licensure BA
Physical Education Exercise Science Option
Bachelor of Science in Teaching and Learning
Online Bachelor of Science in Education Studies

School of Mathematics & Sciences

8 Semester Plan - Biology
8 Semester Plan - Organismal Biology
8 Semester Plan - Chemistry
8 Semester Plan - Biochemistry
8 Semester Plan - BBDM
8 Semester Plan - Mathematics
8 Semester Plan- LSO
8 Semester Plan - PSO

Division of Music

Music w/a Concentration in Instrumental
Music w/a Concentration in Jazz
Music w/a Concentration in Piano
Music w/a Concentration in Voice

School of Nursing

BSN Prerequisites
BSN Major Requirements

RN - BSN Prerequisites
RN - BSN Major Requirements

LPN - BSN Prerequisites
LPN - BSN Major Requirements

LPN - RN Prerequisites
LPN - RN Major Requirements

School of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Criminal Justice
Political Science
Social Work