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What is UAM’s Academic Alert System?

UAM is committed to the retention and graduation of its students by providing a learning environment that is conducive to student success. The Academic Alert System has been put in place to help ensure that every student is able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available.

The goal of the Academic Alert System is to put students in contact with appropriate campus resources as early as possible. Contacting students early greatly increases their chances for success in class and college as a whole.

Faculty and staff members contribute directly to the Academic Alert System’s success by issuing alerts on students who are doing poorly in their academic work, are chronically absent from class or are having difficulty adjusting to campus life. Faculty and staff members may also issue alerts on students who are having personal or financial issues that are making it difficult for them to be successful.

The Process

Academic Alerts are issued via Maxient.

On the Academic Alert form, faculty or staff will be asked to check one or more of the following reasons for issuing an alert:

  • Academic Skills Deficient
  • Attendance Concerns
  • Financial Concerns
  • Poor Academic Performance
  • Missing Required Textbook/Supplementary Material
  • Other (Non Health/Non Mental Health Related Concerns)

Faculty or staff will also select a level of urgency:

  • Normal
  • High
  • Critical

After an alert is issued, it is assigned to a professional academic advisor. The faculty or staff member issuing the alert will receive notification when an alert is closed. Heath or mental health-related concerns should be submitted via the UBIT Person of Concern form.

For more information on the Academic Alert System, please contact Carrie Johnson at or (870) 460-1633.

Issue an Alert